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What is the film Alexander Nevsky about?

What is the film Alexander Nevsky about?

When German knights invade Russia, Prince Alexander Nevsky (Nikolai Cherkasov) must rally his people to resist the formidable force. After the Teutonic soldiers take over an eastern Russian city, Alexander stages his stand at Novgorod, where a major battle is fought on the ice of frozen Lake Chudskoe. While Alexander leads his outnumbered troops, two of their number, Vasili (Nikolai Okhlopkov) and Gavrilo (Andrei Abrikosov), begin a contest of bravery to win the hand of a local maiden.Alexander Nevsky / Film synopsis

Is Alexander Nevsky a propaganda?

Like many of Eisenstein’s other works, “Aleksandr Nevsky” is a beautifully made and well-written propaganda piece.

Is Alexander Nevsky a silent film?

The film was the first of Eisenstein’s dramatic films to use sound. (The earlier Bezhin Meadow had also used sound, but production was shut down and most of the finished scenes were destroyed.) The film’s score was composed by Sergei Prokofiev, who later reworked the score into a concert cantata.

What was the significance of Alexander Nevsky?

Alexander was one of the great military commanders of his time, who protected Russia’s western frontier against invasion by Swedes or Germans. This image of him was popular in northwestern Russia and has in succeeding centuries been adduced for propaganda purposes.

Who wrote battle on the ice?

Donald Ostrowski, “Alexander Nevskii’s ‘Battle on the Ice’: The Creation of a Legend,” Russian History/Histoire Russe, 33 (2006): 289–312. Terrence Wise, The Knights of Christ. London: Osprey Publishing, 1984.

Who comes to us with a sword?

Alexander Nevsky
The famous proverbial phrase (paraphrasing Matthew 26:52), “Whoever will come to us with a sword, from a sword will perish,” that is often attributed to Alexander Nevsky, was not in fact pronounced by him, but comes from Eisenstein’s film, where it was said by actor Nikolai Cherkasov.

Who directed the film Alexander Nevsky?

Sergei Eisenstein
Dmitri Vasilyev
Alexander Nevsky/Directors

Was Alexander Nevsky a real person?

Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky (Russian: Александр Ярославич Невский; pronounced [ɐlʲɪˈksandr jɪrɐˈsɫavʲɪtɕ ˈnʲɛfskʲɪj] ( listen); 13 May 1221 – 14 November 1263) served as Prince of Novgorod (1236–40, 1241–56 and 1258–1259), Grand Prince of Kiev (1236–52) and Grand Prince of Vladimir (1252–63) during some of the most …

Why is Alexander a popular name in Russia?

They deduced that the most popular names were Alexander and Elena! Many popular Russian names have religious or historical connotations. Alexander has topped the list of popular boys’ names for decades on end, associated with brave and famous historical figures such as Saint Alexander Nevsky and Alexander the Great.

Who won the battle of the ice?

Battle on the Ice

Date April 5, 1242
Location Lake Peipus, between Estonia and Russia
Result Novgorodian victory Teutonic Order dropped all territorial claims over Russian lands

Where was Alexander Nevsky born?

Pereslavl-Zalessky, RussiaAlexander Nevsky / Place of birth

Who composed the music for Alexander Nevsky?

Sergei ProkofievAlexander Nevsky / Music composed by