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What is the famous of Ratnagiri?

What is the famous of Ratnagiri?

It is famous for the silvery sands, the tranquil water as well as the seashells and overall a relaxing ambience to the tourists and it is definitely one of the most important Ratnagiri tourist places. To get a reformed view of the coastline, some nearby beaches like Mirkarwada and Mandvi can also be visited.

Is Ratnagiri worth visiting?

Ratnagiri is a place where you can enjoy nature as well known about the history of the place. There are many places to visit in Ratnagiri and is perfect for a family vacation and the numerous beaches also provide a place to unwind and destress yourself.

Why is Ganpatipule famous?

The town is known as Ganpatipule because Ganpati, the lord of the masses, resides on the fine white sand called ‘pule’ in the famous Swayambhu Ganpati Temple here. This temple is the principal attraction among the places to visit in Ganpatipule.

What can I buy in Ratnagiri?

Ratnagiri is famous for Haapus Aam (Alphonso Mango). You can buy Cashews, mangoes, aam panna, kokum sharbhat, sandan and amboli.

How do I plan a trip to Ratnagiri?


  1. 1 Ratnadurg Fort. Historical & Heritage. Duration of visit: 1-2 Hours.
  2. 2 Marine Aquarium & Museum. Museum & Gallery. Duration of visit: 30 Mins.
  3. 3 Tilak Ali Museum. Museum & Gallery.
  4. 4 Mandavi Beach. Beach.
  5. 5 Thiba Palace / Thibaw Palace. Historical & Heritage.
  6. 6 Bhatye Beach. Beach.

What is the best time to visit Ratnagiri?

Best time to visit Ratnagiri is from October to March. The summer season of the place arrives with the month of March and till the month of May the hot climate at the place presists. The highest temperature during the summer season at this place that recorded is about 38°C.

Is Ratnagiri famous for mango?

The famous ‘Ratnagiri Aam’ is found in the Maharashtra region of Ratnagiri, Devgarh, Raigad, and Konkan and interestingly, each mango weighs between 150 to 300 grams. Alphonso Mango is one of the best varieties of mango found in India and also the most expensive one.

Is Ganpatipule open for tourists?

While you can visit this town all year round, the best time to visit Ganapatipule is between October and March, when the weather is not too hot and humid.

Can we swim in ganpatipule Beach?

The Ganpatipule beach is clean and the sea is also clear though swimming is not advisable because of the rocky stretches. It is an however ideal spot for sunbathing and the several water sport activities.

How many days are required to visit Ratnagiri?

Top 5 Ratnagiri Packages

Package Duration Details
Best of Ratnagiri in 2 Days 2D/1N View
Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule in 2 Days 2D/1N View
Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule in 3 Days 3D/2N View
Alibaug, Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule in 4 Days 4D/3N View

Which is the best beach in Konkan?

Five Exotic Beaches In Konkan That You Don’t Know About, But Should Ride To

  1. Dapoli – Murud, Anjarle, Harnai, Ladghar beaches.
  2. Padale and Savane beaches.
  3. Guhagar beach.
  4. Bhogve – Nivati beaches.
  5. Devgad beach.

Which is the best hill station in Maharashtra?

Hill Stations in Maharashtra:

  1. Lonavala, Maharashtra. Lonavala, also known as the “Jewel of Sahyadri”, is among the most famous hill stations in Maharashtra.
  2. Khandala, Maharashtra.
  3. Matheran, Maharashtra.
  4. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra.
  5. Igatpuri, Maharashtra.
  6. Panchgani, Maharashtra.
  7. Karjat, Maharashtra.
  8. Lavasa, Maharashtra.