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What is the equipment used in GSS?

What is the equipment used in GSS?

Distribution Transformer. Circuit breaker. Lightning Arrester. Air Break (AB) switches / Isolator.

What is switchyard equipment?

Switchyard is a switching station which is the main link between the generating plant and the transmission system. It can be considered as the heart of the power plant, the generated power will only be worthy if it can be transmitted and received by the consumers.

How do I create a substation layout?

Electrical layout design which includes:

  1. Positioning of equipment.
  2. Bus design.
  3. Design of manhole and conduit system.
  4. Design of auxiliary A.C. power system.
  5. Selection of D.C. batteries and battery chargers.
  6. Layout of control house.
  7. Grounding and lightning protection design.

What is difference between substation and switchyard?

is that substation is a site where electricity supplied by long-distance (high-voltage) transmission lines is transformed and/or regulated for local (low-voltage) distribution while switchyard is part of a railway with an arrangement of switches (or points) allowing trains to be diverted and reassembled.

What is distribution system equipment?

A distribution system consists of all the facilities and equipment connecting a transmission system to the customer’s equipment. A typical distribution system can consist of: Substations. Distribution Feeder Circuits. Switches.

What are power equipments?

Power equipment means all machinery operated with fuel burning or electrical motors, including heavy machinery, chain saws, portable generators, pumps, and powered backpack devices.

What is the difference between a switchgear and a switchyard?

But switchyard is entirely different from it, maybe switchgear can be a piece of equipment in a switchyard, the transmission of the power which is generated in a power plant is done by the help of a switchyard it acts as a junction where the power transmission takes place.

What is Pi in switchyard?

PI is a complete range of air-insulated switchgear for the medium and lower segment of primary distribution. It is an economical and environmentally-friendly solution.

Which steps are followed designing a substation?

What is the substation design process?

  • Switching station:
  • Key plan:
  • Equipment:
  • Licensing and permitting:
  • Structural design:
  • Electrical design:
  • Relay protection and remote control:
  • Construction support:

Why gravels are used in switchyard?

Most in switchyard Power Transformers insulated with the insulation oil. The insulating oil spillages catches fire easily. So Stones/Gravel is provided to protect from fire when oil spillage takes place. Moisture on the floor level get minimized.

What is switchyard mean?

Definition of switchyard : a usually enclosed area for the switching facilities of a power station.

What is the layout of switchyard in substations?

Layout of switchyard may be generally designed in accordance with Central Board of irrigation and power manual on SubStation layout for 36 kV and above. Rural electrification standard be adopted for 12 kV substations.

What is the technical specification of 33 11 kV?

Technical Specification Of 33 11 Kv 2×31 5 Mva Power Substations Eep Existing And Proposed Single Line Diagram For 33 11 Kv Aska S 1×8 Mva 1×5 11kv Vcb Bus 33kv Ct 200 100 1 A La

How are Transformers handled in switchyard?

Handling of transformer is normally done by the powerhouse crane and for large transformer rails are laid from powerhouse to the site of installation in switchyard. For this purpose bi-directional rollers are provided on the transformers.