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What is the distance supported by Wiegand protocol?

What is the distance supported by Wiegand protocol?

The theoretical limit for Wiegand signal wire to a reader from the panel is 500 feet assuming you are using an 18 AWG shielded, excellent quality cable in a noise-free environment. If you use 22 AWG, that distance drops dramatically to 250 feet. These numbers are for ideal conditions.

How does Wiegand communication work?

Wiegand refers to the technology used in card readers and sensors. This system is a wired communication interface that operates between a reader and a controller. Typically, Wiegand technology is found in cards, fingerprint readers, or any other data-capturing devices.

How do you read Wiegand data?

To use Rpi to read Wiegand, you can use a HC00 Quad NAND to preprocess the two signals, then use two input mode GPIO pins to read the processed data.

What is the name of the protocol that replaces basic Wiegand connections?

It’s easy to see understand why OSDP has become the security industry’s gold standard replacing old Wiegand-based systems and wiring protocols.

What is the maximum distance for Wiegand reader cabling?

500 feet
The maximum cable length for a Wiegand reader to SIO reader port is 500 feet.

What is the difference between Wiegand and RS485?

Wiegand is a standard communication protocol used by contactless card readers. Wie485 allows you (1) to convert the protocol to the standard industrial RS485 bus. Thanks to Wie485 so you can easily connect standard contactless readers with Wiegand protocol to the PC.

Is Wiegand a protocol?

Wiegand is the most common communication method used by access control devices. The term Wiegand in BioStar is a communication protocol that connects Suprema device and 3rd party device to send ID data or connects Suprema device with RF reader to send ID data.

How do you test Wiegand output?


  1. Check the pulse interval and width of the 3rd party controller.
  2. Set up the pulse width and pulse interval accordingly.
  3. Since the suprema device is sending the signal out to the controller, the Wiegand signal should be set to *Out*.
  4. Check that you have selected the correct Wiegand format and click apply.

What is the correct cable to be used for a Wiegand based card reader?

As a gerneal rule, wire that are deisgned for wiegand readers are the best to use. (such as Alpha 5388). These cables are usually, shielded, non twisted multicore cables.

What is the difference between Wiegand and OSDP?

Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) and Wiegand are technologies used to link access control systems together. While Wiegand readers are one-way communication devices, OSDP readers offer two-way communication. In other words, OSDP readers can send and receive communication from the controller.

Is OSDP an RS485?

OSDP uses RS-485 as the underlying communication protocol.