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What is the disadvantages of Audio-lingual Method?

What is the disadvantages of Audio-lingual Method?

It does not pay sufficient attention to communicative competence. Only language form is considered while meaning is neglected. Equal importance is not given to all four skills. It is a teacher-dominated method.

What are the advantages of audio lingual approach?

2.5.1 Advantages of Audio-Lingual Method Provides practice in language patterns: students can first memorize the language pattern. But next, they will be able to use that certain pattern directly in real conversation.

How does Audio-lingual Method affect language teaching and learning?

The audio-lingual teaching method is defined as a method which emphasizes on repetition of the words to help the students to be able to use the target language communicatively. The purpose of the repetition/drills is to break down the troublesome sentences into smaller part.

What are the disadvantages of grammar translation method?

Disadvantages of Grammar-Translation Method –

  • No oral work takes place in the class room due to this method.
  • The main focus remains only on the mother-tongue and the target language remains ignored.
  • No Speaking in the target language is possible.
  • The students don’t develop the power of thinking in the target language.

What are the disadvantages of community language learning?


  • The counselor/teacher can become too non directive. Students often need directions .
  • The method relies completely on inductive learning. It is worthwhile noting that deductive learning is also a viable strategy of learning.
  • Translation is an intricate and difficult task.

What are the basic characteristics of bilingual method write its merits and limitations?

Merits /Advantages.

  • Fluency: In this method students acquire fluency in English because students are given a role of practice in speaking English.
  • Time saving:
  • Availability of teacher:
  • Less costly:
  • Easy to teach:
  • Not useful for higher classes:
  • Pronunciation problem:
  • Possibility of blended language:

What are the main features of the audio-lingual method?

Some characteristics of this method are:

  • Drills are used to teach structural patterns.
  • Set phrases are memorised with a focus on intonation.
  • Grammatical explanations are kept to a minimum.
  • Vocabulary is taught in context.
  • Audio-visual aids are used.
  • Focus is on pronunciation.

What is the strength and the importance of audio-lingual method?

229). The Audio-Lingual Method aims to develop communicative competence of students using dialogues and drills. The use of dialogues and drills are effective in foreign language teaching as they lead the students to produce speech.

What are the characteristics of audio-lingual method?

Can we fully apply Audio-lingual Method in teaching of English why?

It is one of the methods in English teaching-learning process. Audio Lingual Method trains students in order to reach conversational proficiency in a variety of foreign language, and puts the emphasis on behavior. Audio Lingual Method drills students in the use of grammatical sentence patterns.

What is audio lingual method in language teaching?

Audio-lingualism is a method of foreign language teaching where the emphasis is on learning grammatical and phonological structure, especially for speaking and listening. It is based on behaviourism and so relies on formation as a basis for learning, through a great deal of mechanical repetition.

What are the disadvantages of audio lingual method?

DISADVANTAGES of Audio-Lingual method Because the audio lingual method does not use translation to teach the target language. He also received a lot of criticism. This method is based on mechanical learning and there is no room for error.

What is the purpose of the audio lingual method?

Thus, the purpose of the Audio-Lingual method is to use the target lan guage communicatively. According to this method, speech is given priority in foreign language teaching. The Audio- Lingual method teaches language through dialogues th at focus on habit formation of students.

Does audio lingual method improve Thai students’ pronunciation ability?

This study aims at finding out how the use Audio Lingual Method through Repetition Drill Technique improves Thai students’ pronunciation ability. This is a Classroom Action Research (CAR) conducted in Darul Mahdiah private school Songkhla-Thailand. The subjects of the study are 16 Thai students of class 6/2 at the school.

How does behaviorism affect audio-lingual method of teaching?

Behaviorist psychology had a significant effect on the teaching and learning principles of audio-lingual method. In Audiolingualism, the underlying theory of learning is behaviorist. Stimulus, response, and reinforcement are the main components of Behaviorism.