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What is the difference between SoonerCare and SoonerCare choice?

What is the difference between SoonerCare and SoonerCare choice?

SoonerCare Choice is a Primary Care Case Management Program (PCCM) in which each member has a medical home. The medical home provider will coordinate all health care services to qualifying Oklahomans. SoonerCare is administered by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA).

Is SoonerCare the same as Oklahoma Medicaid?

SoonerCare (Oklahoma Medicaid) is a health coverage program jointly funded by the federal and state government. This program helps pay some or all medical bills for many people who can’t afford them.

Is Oklahoma Health Care Authority the same as SoonerCare?

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) administers Oklahoma’s Medicaid program, commonly known as SoonerCare.

What does SoonerCare cover for adults?

SoonerCare provides coverage for dental care, preventive care, family planning services, behavioral health, and substance abuse services as well as inpatient hospital services.

What is the income cut off for SoonerCare?

On June 30, 2020, Oklahomans voted to expand SoonerCare eligibility to adults ages 19-64 whose income is 138% of the federal poverty level or lower through Medicaid expansion. This change equates to an estimated annual income of $17,796 for an individual or $36,588 for a family of four.

Does SoonerCare cover hospital visits?

(A) Inpatient hospital visits for all SoonerCare covered stays. All inpatient services are subject to post-payment review by the OHCA, or its designated agent.

Can you use SoonerCare in another state?

Medical care needed due to an accident or medical emergency while a member is travelling in another state is still eligible for compensation once medical necessity is determined. Single-case agreements and contracts will not be allowed under the rule changes.

What is the difference between SoonerCare choice and Title 19?

The main difference that providers will notice between the two programs will be when checking eligibility for members. Adults who were not affected by expansion will still show “Title 19” and those with Choice will still show “SoonerCare Choice”. The new expansion population will show “Expansion Healthy Adult Program”.

What does Title 19 SoonerCare mean?

did you know? Medicaid was created as Title XIX of the Social Security Act in1965. It is a federal and state partnership program that makes access to basic health and long-term care services available to those who qualify based upon income and/or other eligibility criteria.

What is the maximum income for SoonerCare?

Can you get SoonerCare with no income?

Adult SoonerCare now available for many Adults with or without children. Children & pregnant womencan get and stay on SoonerCare at higher income levels than most adults. Unemployed or $0 income Adults may qualify (the extra $300 unemployment does notcount as income). There is no work requirement.

What is considered low income in Oklahoma?

There is no minimum income level, and depending on the number of family members, a family making in excess of $40,000 per year can still be eligible for housing. Your rent will be determined based on the total income of the individual or family requesting residence.