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What is the difference between red-Kote and Blu-Kote?

What is the difference between red-Kote and Blu-Kote?

Red-Kote’s formula is advertised as speeding the recovery time for scratches and burns, stimulating the growth of new skin and discouraging scar tissue formation. Blu-Kote is purported to be highly effective against pus-producing bacteria and common fungus infections.

How do you apply Blu-Kote to dogs?

Directions. PAINT ON HORSES and DOGS. Clean and dry affected area. Apply BLU-KOTE with attached applicator morning and night or as required.

Is red-Kote safe for dogs?

Red-Kote® is a veterinary wound care product for use on horses and dogs. This antiseptic scarlet red oil wound dressing is designed for use on slow healing wounds. The non-drying formula soothes and softens skin to help stimulate new, healthy skin growth.

How often do you apply Blu-Kote?

Point the nozzle opening toward the lesion and spray from a distance of 4-8 inches. Only a light application is needed. Repeat once or twice a day or as indicated until healing occurs. Precaution(s): Danger: Extremely flammable (aerosol package).

Does red-Kote stain?

Although it’s a bit messy and definitely will stain anything you get it on, it has worked wonders for some nasty abrasions and other small wounds on our horses over the years. Just keep the tissue liberally coated with red oil and it will deter infection and keep skin moist while healing.

How long does it take Blu-Kote to work?

Once you’ve removed the majority of the stain—or once 10 minutes has elapsed and no more stain will scrub off—wash your hands under cool running water.

What if my dog licks wound Kote?

Since Blu Kote is non-toxic unless ingested in large quantities (which is unlikely if your dog simply licked some off its body), there’s no specific antidote per se to counter the negative aftereffects.

How long does it take for Blu Kote to dry?

Once you have treated your bird, you’ll need to tend to your hands, and swiftly. From the moment Blu-Kote contacts your skin, you have 10 minutes to remove it or it’s the Purple-Hand Gang for you.

Can you put blue Kote on open wounds?

Blue Kote is for surface wounds and abrasions, but is also effective for fungal infections and ringworm. Blue Kote contains Gentian Violet, which is an antiseptic dye that dyes the area a dark blue color. This dye is very helpful for “covering up” a wound and preventing picking from their flock mates.

How long does it take for red Kote to cure?

Open all tank openings to allow the best air flow. Air dry for 8 to 24 hours. When cured there will be no solvent smell left in the tank. If the coating is not completely cured before fuel is added the curing process will be stopped.

How do you remove Kote from a wound?

It was pure chance that I discovered this method of Blu-Kote stain removal….The Procedure And Timing

  1. Douse a cotton ball generously with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Use the wet (not damp, but wet) cotton ball to scrub at the stained area.
  3. Toss the used cotton ball aside and repeat steps 1 and 2 quickly.

Is wound Kote safe for dogs?

Wound-Kote™ Spray is a quick-drying, deep penetrating antiseptic dressing and gall lotion. Effective against most common skin lesions of domestic animals, including horses, cattle and dogs.