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What is the difference between LM358 and LM741?

What is the difference between LM358 and LM741?

Two commonly used opamp are LM741 & LM358. Difference between LM358 & LM741 is, LM358 is newer and have two OP-AMP on chip while in 741 only one OP-AMP is present. Both the IC’s have 8 pins.

Is LM358 single supply?

Utilizing the circuit designs perfected for Quad Operational Amplifiers, these dual operational amplifiers feature low power drain, a common mode input voltage range extending to ground/VEE, and single supply or split supply operation. The LM358 series is equivalent to one−half of an LM324.

Can we use LM741 instead of LM358?

The first noticeable difference is that the specified supply voltage for the LM741 is bipolar, which means both positive and negative supply is needed….Specifications of LM741 and LM358.

Specification LM741 LM358
Input voltage range (max.) ±13V (±15V supply) 0V – (V+ – 1.5V) (30V supply)

Who invented op-amp?

Karl D. Swartzel Jr.
Karl D. Swartzel Jr. invented the first op-amp in 1967, and he originally conceived them to do mathematical operations in analog computers — thus the “operation” part of their name. We now use op-amps in many other applications, and they form the basis of many modern analog electronic circuits.

Why IC 741 is used?

It consists of two inputs and two outputs, namely inverting and non inverting terminals. This IC 741 Op Amp is most commonly used in various electrical and electronic circuits. The main intention of this 741 op-amp is to strengthen AC & DC signals and for mathematical operations.

What is the most common op amp chip?

IC 741
IC 741. The most commonly used op-amp is IC741. The 741 op-amp is a voltage amplifier, it inverts the input voltage at the output, can be found almost everywhere in electronic circuits.

What can LM358 be used for?

LM358 can be used as transducer amplifier, DC gain block etc. It has large dc voltage gain of 100dB. This IC can be operated on wide range of power supply from 3V to 32V for single power supply or from ±1.5V to ±16V for dual power supply and it also support large output voltage swing.

What is the current rating of voltage regulator IC LM358?

LM358 IC can also be used as transducer standard operational amplifier and it is suitable for our needs. It can handle voltage from 3V to 32V DC supply and current up to 20mA per channel.