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What is the difference between Jtr and FTR?

What is the difference between Jtr and FTR?

The JTR prescribes travel and transportation allowances authorized for DoD civilian employees. The JTR is the Department’s implementing guidance for the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR), (reference (d)), issued by the General Services Administration (GSA).

How are PCS travel days calculated?

Quick Tips

  1. One travel day is allowed for each 350 miles using the most direct route.
  2. If the additional distance is over 50 miles after dividing the total mileage by 350, one additional travel day is allowed.
  3. When the total official distance is 400 or fewer miles, 1 day of travel time is allowed.

Can you keep unused per diem military?

Employees are allowed to keep the entire M&;IE Per Diem regardless of whether they spend all of it that day. Per Diem rates are based on location and time of the year.

What does DoD consider local travel?

The local area includes separate cities, towns, or installations adjacent to or close to each other, where the commuting public travels daily during normal business hours.

Can contractors fly Milair?

Contractors may sometimes fly on MILAIR. 1. CETS personnel (contract field services personnel and field service representatives only).

What is a Jtr?

The Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) are for members of the Uniformed Services of the United States and DoD civilian employees and civilians who travel using DoD funding. The JTR contains regulations related to per diem, travel and transportation allowances, relocation allowances, and certain other allowances.

How many travel days do I get for PCS Navy?

A traveler who is authorized PCS travel by POV is allowed one day of travel for the first 400 miles between authorized points. For any distance greater than 400 miles, the traveler is allowed another day of travel for every additional 350 miles.

Can you take more than 30 days of PCS leave Navy?

Up to 90 days leave incident to reenlistment may be authorized to Service members provided that any advance leave involved does not exceed 30 days.

What happens if you don’t spend all per diem?

Can you keep unused per diem? If your employer requires you to fill out a per diem expense report and reimburses your spending, then you won’t have any leftover funds. But if your employer chooses to pay you a flat amount for per diem instead, then you’re generally able to keep any money you don’t use.

How does Navy per diem work?

The per diem rate you will receive is based on a combination of the maximum lodging and the Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) rates as well as an incidental expense. When you travel, you get reimbursed the meal and incidentals portion of per diem automatically.

How many miles is considered local travel?

General Review Items: Travel which may be completed in less than 12 hours, does not exceed 300 miles round-trip from employee’s official station or residence and does not involve an overnight stay or lodging expenses.

What is considered official travel?

Official Travel means (1) travel to meet mission requirements, (2) required-use travel, and (3) other travel to conduct non-mission agency business, either departure and return from one location, or between locations.