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What is the difference between hi Lok and hi lite?

What is the difference between hi Lok and hi lite?

HI-LITE™ pins are the direct evolution of HI-LOK™ pins. These fasteners can be used for clearance, or low interference fit throughout aircraft, from wings to fuselage, in engine fairings, and more. Combined with HI-LITE™ nuts and collars, they provide up to 13% weight saving compared to the previous HI-LOK™ generation.

What are hi loks used for?

Hi-Lok™ Fastening System The Hi-Lok™ fastener is a simple two-part fastener that suits many of today’s aerospace assembly needs. The all-purpose fastener can create a consistent torque on each fastener installed through integrated functions.

What are hi loks made of?

The advantages of Hi-Lok® two-piece fastener include its light weight, high fatigue resistance, high strength, and its inability to be overtorqued. The pins, made from alloy steel, corrosion resistant steel, or titanium alloy, come in many standard and oversized shank diameters.

What is HI Tigue?

The HI-TIGUE™ fastening system is a combination of proven performance features. This fastener has all the features of a Hi-Lok™ fastener and provides a unique HI-TIGUE™ fastener bead design.

How are hi Lok fasteners measured?

Hi-Lok® Grip Gauge with Slide. Slide the tip of this gauge through a hole, draw the gauge back until the hook hits the backside of the hole and you’ll be able to correctly determine the proper length of the Hi-Lok® fastener needed.

How do you use a Hi-Lok grip gauge?

What is an Eddie bolt?

The Eddie-Bolt® 2 is a high-performance aerospace fastening system. The Eddie-PinTM is designed with five flutes in the upper portion of the threaded area which allow a positive mechanical lock to be made during installation with the free-running Eddie-NutTM.

What is HI Lok?

HI-LOK is a simple two-part fastener engineered to achieve in one all-purpose system the design features suiting many of today’s aerospace assembly needs. Consistent torque on each fastener installed is achieved through the integrated functions of the system working together.

What is a Hi Tigue fastener?

The HI-TIGUE™ fastener design features a subtle bead on the end of the shank. This dramatically increases the total fatigue life and overall performance of the fastened structure through controlled interference fit.

How do you measure hi Lok length?