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What is the difference between G410 and G710 irons?

What is the difference between G410 and G710 irons?

The main difference between the G710 and the G410 is that the G710 is a larger and more forgiving club that allows more distance of about 8 yards. The Ping G710 and G410 are two different sets of iron golf clubs that range from a 4 iron to a 9 iron.

Are Ping G710 worth the money?

Short Version. The Ping G710 irons are a real game improvement iron. They have a unique look with a black hydropearl finish and are oversized enough to fill you with confidence as you stand over your iron shots. They offer a great deal of length and ball speed off the face and the G710s are super easy to hit.

Are Ping G410 irons worth it?

The G410 is a great option for club golfers; it’s a real looker, too, which hasn’t always been Ping’s strength over the years. Our data suggests there’s more powerful options out there, but you’ll need to compromise on head shape or size to get them. We reckon they’ll suit golfers from about an eight handicap upwards.

Is Ping G710 forgiving?

“The G710 iron is our longest, most forgiving iron to date. It’s engineered for golfers who want to maximise both distance and forgiveness,” said Ping President John K. Solheim. “In designing it, we also advanced other important attributes such as consistency, sound and feel, without sacrificing performance.

What are pings longest irons?

Thanks to a maraging steel face and stainless steel body, the Ping G710 Irons are Ping’s longest, most forgiving irons to date. The forgiveness portion of the equation is a result of the 17-4 stainless steel body, high-density tungsten toe and shaft weights, which significantly increase MOI.

Will Ping release new irons in 2020?

The latest model is the G710 super game improvement irons which came out in February of 2020. This club features a hollow design and larger club head creating exceptional forgiveness and distance. In fact this is the most forgiving and longest hitting irons that ping has ever made!

What is the difference between ping G700 and G710 irons?

The 7 iron in the Ping G700 iron set yielded shots that were longer than the G710 7 iron by an average of 9 yards. If you are looking for the most forgiving and longest irons that Ping makes, currently that distinction belongs to the Ping G700 irons.

Are Ping G710 irons for high handicappers?

PING G710 irons are ideal for golfers with mid-to-high handicaps and moderate to slower swing speeds. Players who want more distance and need help achieving it through modern technology will be a great fit for these golf clubs.

Do any pros use G410 irons?

The PING G410 Crossover Iron is played by multiple players among the top PGA Tour Players right now with 2 tour pros currently carrying it in their bag, including Harris English and Sebastian Munoz.

Are Ping G410 irons for high handicappers?

The Ping G410 Irons are made for high handicappers and improving players. The wide sole, generous lofts and low COG make these irons easy to hit and get into the air. These irons are also going to be generating impressive distance and consistency.

Is Ping G710 good for high handicappers?

Our testers found that the 5-iron in the Ping G710 set was viable from the tee! Even our high handicap testers were getting consistent 200 yard drives from the 5-iron in this set so distance should be no problem.

Are Ping G410 irons good for beginners?

The oversized heads and offset both make the club look great behind the ball, filling the beginner with confidence. Even off-center strikes will not be unduly punished, making them one of the easiest irons to hit. Again, the Ping G410 is also in the running.