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What is the difference between EC50 and pEC50?

What is the difference between EC50 and pEC50?

The pEC50 is defined as the negative logarithm of the EC50. If the EC50 equals 1 micromolar (10-6 molar), the log(EC50) is -6 and the pEC50 is 6. The advantage to expressing potency this way is that drugs with larger pEC50 values are more potent.

What is the difference between IC50 and ED50?

Generally, ED50 is used for animal or human studies and EC50 for cell culture experiment. IC50 / EC50 is a matter of context and naming, where IC is the activity expressed as the degree of inhibition or EC efficacy. We get the same results because we determine the same value only with different interpretations.

What is the difference between ED50 and EC50?

Therapeutic (Effective), Toxic, Lethal dose * EC50 versus ED50: EC50 is the dose required for an individual to experience 50% of the maximum effect. ED50 is the dose for 50% of the population to obtain the therapeutic effect.

What is the difference between Ki and IC50?

The value Ki is the dissociation constant describing the binding affinity between the inhibitor and the enzyme, while IC50 is the concentration of inhibitor required to reduce the enzymatic activity to half of the uninhibited value. Both values can be used as quantitative indexes for the inhibitor potency.

What is non competitive antagonist?

If an antagonist binds to the receptor and precludes agonist activation of that receptor by its occupancy, then no amount of agonist present in the receptor compartment can overcome this antagonism and it is termed noncompetitive.

How do you calculate Emax and EC50?

parms E0 = 20.575 Emax = 68.875 ED50 = 1 hill = 0.01831; model response = Emax + (E0 * concentration**hill) / (ED50**hill + concentration**hill);…Dose Response Modeling: calculating EC50, ED50 by Fitting Emax Model using SAS Proc NLIN.

Concentration Response
0.1 20.575
0.25 40.525
0.5 26.15
0.75 26.35

How do you calculate IC50 from EC50?

IC50 = (0.5 – b)/a. Frequently, linear regression is not a good fit to dose-response data. The response-curve fits better to a straight line if the x-axis is logarithm-transformed. ED50V10 (Readme) is an Excel add-in for calculating IC50/EC50 values.

What is the difference between IC50 and LD50?

But, IC50 is used generally for chemical assays like oxidation /reduction or other colorimetric/ fluorimetric assays where one chemical concentration inhibits 50% of these processes (Even for CFU measurements for Bacterial growth inhibition). Whereas LC/LD50 will be applicable to animals (rats, mice..etc).

Is EC50 and IC50 the same?

The concepts of IC50 and EC50 are fundamental to pharmacology. The EC50 is the concentration of a drug that gives half-maximal response. The IC50 is the concentration of an inhibitor where the response (or binding) is reduced by half.

Why should IC50 values be converted to Ki values?

A much discussed problem in the literature (1–8) is converting IC50 to Ki values because even the simplest types of inhibitory mechanisms (e.g. competitive, uncompetitive and noncompetitive) will influence the calculation.

How is Ki related to IC50?

The inhibition constant, Ki, denotes the equilibrium constant of the dissociation of the inhibitor-bound enzyme complex. A second number, the IC50 value, quantifies the concentration of inhibitor necessary to halve the reaction rate of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction ob- served under specified assay conditions.

How does one compute IC50 value?

– Finney, David John, and F. Tattersfield. Probit analysis. Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, 1952. – Sebaugh, J. L. (2011). Guidelines for accurate EC50/IC50 estimation. – Spiess, A. N., & Neumeyer, N. (2010). An evaluation of R 2 as an inadequate measure for nonlinear models in pharmacological and biochemical research: a Monte Carlo approach.

How do I calculate the EC50 value?

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  • What does EC50 stand for?

    This is denoted by [A] Half maximal effective concentration (EC 50) refers to the concentration of a drug, antibody or toxicant which induces a response halfway between the baseline and maximum after a specified exposure time.

    What are the units of IC50?

    An IC50 of 1 µM is 10 -6 M,which is pIC50 = 6.0

  • An IC50 of 1 nM is 10 -9 M,which is pIC50 = 9.0
  • An IC50 of 10 nM is 10 -8 M,which is pIC50 = 8.0
  • An IC50 of 100 nM is 10 -7 M,which is pIC50 = 7.0
  • An IC50 of 30 nM is 3 x10 -8 M,which is also 10 -7.5 M,which is pIC50 = 7.5