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What is the difference between a Taylor GS Mini and a Baby Taylor?

What is the difference between a Taylor GS Mini and a Baby Taylor?

BABY TAYLOR VS GS MINI – WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? In summary the main difference between the Baby Taylor and Taylor GS Mini are the shape, and the cost. The Baby Taylor opts for a scaled down dreadnought style whereas the Taylor GS-Mini is utilise a shape similar to a parlour guitar.

Is Taylor Big Baby bigger than GS Mini?

The BBT Big Baby features a Sitka spruce top that produces a broad dynamic range and accommodates a versatile range of playing styles. Being that its a 15/16-scale dreadnought (slightly larger than the GS-Mini), it also gives you a bit more volume and bottom-end.

Is Taylor GS Mini good for beginners?

The GS Mini is a good beginner acoustic guitar. The mahogany model makes our list of the best acoustic guitars under $500. Let’s get into what makes this guitar so great.

How much smaller is a GS Mini?

The 47/16-inch body depth, just a 1/4-inch shallower than the GS’s depth but nearly an inch deeper than the Baby’s, makes the GS Mini feel more like a full-size guitar in my lap.

Is the Baby Taylor Worth It?

They do a good job retaining tuning and intonation. Overall, the hardware is functional, but don’t push the guitar too much. With Taylor’s standard neck-width (11-1/16”), the BT2 features a narrow neck that’s great for playing chords. Likewise, its smooth fingerboard makes it soft and easy on your hands.

What is the smallest Taylor guitar?

A ¾-size Dreadnought that yields a surprising amount of tone. A versatile, small bodied guitar that delivers an authentic Taylor playing experience.

Why Taylor GS Mini so popular?

They say good things come in small packages, and Taylor can certainly attest to that with the GS Mini. Not only is this scaled-down guitar super fun to play, but it also has a sound that would rival some of its larger-bodied competitors.

Why is the GS Mini so popular?

The Taylor GS Mini is the ultimate travel guitar, thanks to its smaller dimensions, easy playability and impressive tone. It’s small enough to carry around, handy enough to grab and strum idly, and always delivers a quality sound and playing experience. But it’s not just a travel guitar.

Is Baby Taylor full size?

The Baby Taylor’s upsized sibling is nearly a full-size Dreadnought (15/16 scale) that yields a more robust voice. It’s another great option as an affordable starter guitar, and its layered wood back and sides make it a resilient, travel-friendly companion for all kinds of players.