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What is the difference between a legal assistant and a paralegal in Alberta?

What is the difference between a legal assistant and a paralegal in Alberta?

Legal assistants perform administrative tasks (dictation, meeting/travel arrangements, filing, billing, etc.). Paralegals work independently and perform substantive law work (drafting pleadings, interviewing clients, attending trials/hearings/questioning). Paralegals also bill their time to client files.

How do I become a legal assistant in Alberta?

At this time, paralegals in Alberta are not regulated, meaning that they do not need to pass an examination or meet minimum training/educational standards to be able to work lawfully as paralegals. Thus aspiring paralegals may begin their careers through on-the-job training or by seeking post-secondary education.

Are paralegals regulated in Alberta?

There is currently no provincial legislation regulating this occupation in Alberta. Paralegals work under the supervision of lawyers in law firms, in court systems and in the legal departments of large organizations.

Can paralegals give legal advice Alberta?

Paralegals in Alberta Paralegals are not permitted to give legal advice to clients without a lawyer’s authorization, to provide legal opinions, to discuss fees with clients or to represent themselves as lawyers.

What does a legal assistant do in Canada?

Under the guidance of law professionals, legal assistants assist in the delivery of legal services in the areas of litigation, advisory services, commercial and real estate transactions by performing a variety of tasks, including locating and compiling information, drafting, preparing and proofreading legal and …

Can paralegal give legal advice Canada?

Paralegals can provide legal advice and assist in negotiations. Since Paralegals in Ontario can provide legal advice, they must have liability insurance. They must also comply with a professional code of conduct.

How much do legal assistants make in Alberta?

Legal administrative assistants

Wages* Low (5th percentile) Average
Starting $16.48 $22.51
Overall $25.71 $30.74
Top $28.62 $41.60

Are Legal Assistants in Demand in Canada?

Yes, paralegals are in demand in Canada, particularly in Manitoba and Nova Scotia.

What does a legal assistant do in Alberta?

In general, legal assistants prepare correspondence and legal documents. These include trust documents, wills, mortgages, contracts, statutory declarations, affidavits, applications, and briefs. They use word processing, spreadsheet, database, or presentation software.

What qualification do you need to become a paralegal?

You will be expected to have a good standard of general education, a good understanding of the law and legal system, and good administration skills. The LLB Law is equivalent to a BA or BSc and is a Qualifying Law Degree and one of the recommended paralegal course paths towards becoming a paralegal.

Are legal assistants in demand in Canada?

What is the difference between a paralegal and a law clerk?

Paralegals assist lawyers in preparing cases and complete administrative tasks. Law clerks support judges or lawyers by performing research. Paralegals work in law firms.