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What is the definition of suitable alternative employment?

What is the definition of suitable alternative employment?

Before your employer makes you redundant they might offer you another job in the organisation. This is called ‘suitable alternative employment’. Tell your employer in writing if you decide to accept the alternative job.

What is the difference between suitable alternative employment and alternative employment?

The main difference between a suitable alternative role and a non-suitable alternative job offer is that unreasonably refusing a suitable alternative role means an employee may be treated as dismissed without being paid a statutory redundancy payment.

Who decides suitable alternative employment?

If a suitable alternative role comes up in your organisation, your employer must offer it to you rather than make you redundant. If more than 1 person is suitable for the same role, your employer may need to hold interviews for it. Your employer should offer the alternative role before your current role ends.

What is a possible alternative to making an employee redundant?

There are several alternatives to redundancy, such as: Reducing working hours. Salary reductions. Pay freezes. Reorganising job roles.

Can employee refuse suitable alternative employment?

An offer you can refuse Both of these alternatives to redundancy are nonetheless quite similar and, if done properly, can serve to limit the risk of legal claims and liability for an employer under the FW Act.

What is unreasonable refusal of suitable alternative employment?

Employees cannot maintain their right to a redundancy payment by unreasonably refusing the offer of alternative employment or by accepting a position and then unreasonably terminating it during the trial period.

Can you be made redundant if your job still exists?

Although there are many reasons for legitimate redundancy, it’s illegal for you to be made redundant whilst your job still exists. Therefore, if you think someone else has taken your job after you’ve been made redundant, seek professional advice immediately.

How do you prevent employees from being redundant?

Here are eight key strategies:

  1. Freeze external recruitment.
  2. Put a stop to voluntary overtime.
  3. Offer voluntary redundancy.
  4. Consider career breaks.
  5. Think about secondments.
  6. Review employee benefits.
  7. Consider lay offs.
  8. Mull over short-time working.

What human resource management HRM practices can be used as strategic alternatives to compulsory redundancies?

It is advisable to therefore consider alternatives to compulsory redundancy before beginning any consultation process, including but not limited to the following.

  • Restrict/ reduce external recruitment.
  • Restrict/ ban overtime.
  • Redeploy or retrain.
  • Job shares.
  • Voluntary sabbaticals/ career breaks/ secondments.

Do I have to interview for suitable alternative employment?

You have to provide employees with information about any alternative roles available. When considering redundancy, a reasonable alternative role offer is part of the process. That doesn’t mean you have to give them the job. If you’re not sure that they’re a good fit, conduct an interview process.

Can I be made redundant if my role still exists?

Can my employer outsource my job and make me redundant?

Outsourcing. If an employer decides to outsource the work being done by a particular group or class of employees, this technically creates a redundancy situation, as the employer will stop carrying on that particular type of work.