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What is the current climate in Trivandrum?

What is the current climate in Trivandrum?

Today’s temperature in Trivandrum is 28°c. Day’s maximum temperature would hover at 31°c, while minimum temperature is predicted to be 27°c.

What is the climate of Kerala tomorrow?

The weather tomorrow in Kerala will be hot with temperatures reaching 86°F. During the evening and night time the temperatures will drop to 77°F.

What is the climate of Thiruvananthapuram Class 9?

Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Indian state of Kerala. It is located on the west coast towards southern tip of India. The lowest temperature in the city core recorded during winter was 16.4 °C and average winter temperatures are 20 °C and the highest temperature recorded in summer is 38.0 °C.

What is the best time to visit Thiruvananthapuram?

October to February: October and November are generally pleasant and sometimes light rain showers are observed during these two months. November onwards, the winter season starts in Trivandrum but the overall temperature does not drop below 18 degree Celsius.

How does precipitation fall?

Precipitation forms in the clouds when water vapor condenses into bigger and bigger droplets of water. When the drops are heavy enough, they fall to the Earth. If a cloud is colder, like it would be at higher altitudes, the water droplets may freeze to form ice.

How much lower is the temperature of Kolkata from that in Chennai?

Ans. (d) The temperature in Kolkata is lower than in Chennai by 29.9 C – 26.6 C = 3.3 C.

How is climate in Kerala today?

The weather today in Kerala will be hot with temperatures reaching 86°F.

When it will rain in Kerala?

Monsoon is likely to make its onset over Kerala at its normal date of June 1. This is the second indication of a normal monsoon season in 2021.

Why Trivandrum is very hot?

Due to its proximity to the sea, Thiruvananthapuram has an equatorial climate. The climate of the region is moderated by the sea. Explanation: The sea has a cooling effect on the climate in this area.

Is Trivandrum hot or cold?

Trivandrum climate stays partially wet and hot throughout the year. Trivandrum weather varies very little throughout the year. It wouldn’t be right to say that this city has extreme hot season neither cold. Trivandrum temperature varies between 23°C and 32°C (74°F to 91°F) throughout the year.