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What is the costochondral joint?

What is the costochondral joint?

The costochondral joint is a connection between a rib and its costal cartilage. On the thoracic wall, it occurs where the bone ends and cartilage begins. The joint is formed by two articular surfaces; the roughened cup-shaped anterior end of the rib and the rounded lateral end of the costal cartilage. Joint capsule and ligaments

How common are osteochondromas at the costochondral junction?

One patient had a benign tumor (osteochondroma). The rib at the costochondral junction is a metaphyseal equivalent. Therefore osteochondromas are more common in this location [ 11, 12 ]. To our knowledge, our study is the first to describe the experience of using ultrasound to evaluate palpable anterior chest wall masses in children.

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When is targeted chest ultrasound indicated in the evaluation of costochondral cartilage deformities?

Targeted chest ultrasound is a useful diagnostic tool in the evaluation of costochondral cartilage deformities and should be considered in children with a firm anterior chest wall mass and negative radiography.

What is costochondritis (costosternal syndrome)?

Costochondritis is sometimes known as chest wall pain, costosternal syndrome or costosternal chondrodynia. Sometimes, swelling accompanies the pain (Tietze syndrome).

What type of joint is the costotransverse tubercle?

Costotransverse Joint There are two facets of a tubercle of a rib, the medial and lateral. The hyaline cartilage-lined medial facet forms a plane synovial joint with the tip of the transverse process which is reinforced by a capsule. The lateral facet is attached to the transverse process through three ligaments:

What is the costovertebral joint?

Costovertebral Joint. Costovertebral joint consists of the head of the rib articulating with the head of a typical rib has two facets (each facet with a separate synovial joint) separated by a ridge: Lower rib facet articulates with the upper costal facet of its own vertebra. Upper facet articulates with the lower facet of the vertebral body above.

What nerves supply the costochondral joints?

The costochondral joints are supplied by branches of the intercostal nerves , which are the anterior rami of the thoracic spinal nerves. Arterial supply to the costochondral joints is by branches of the anterior intercostal arteries.

What is the demarcation joint of the rib cage?

These joints represent the demarcation of the unossified and ossified part of the rib 1 . The joint is held together by periosteum, with the lateral aspect of the costal cartilage joining to a depression on the sternal end of the rib 2 .