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What is the blue circle general purpose cement?

What is the blue circle general purpose cement?

Blue Circle General Purpose Cement is a general purpose CEM II cement (CEM II/A-L 32,5R) that is suitable for use in most building or landscaping jobs, such as concrete, mortars, renders, screeds and grouts. Trial mixes are recommended to determine the optimum mix proportions.

Is cement a hazardous material?

Status Under WHMIS Portland cement is considered to be a hazardous material under the Hazardous Products Act as defined by the Controlled Products regulations (class E – corrosive material) and is therefore subject to the labeling and MSDS requirements of the workplace hazardous materials information system (WHMIS).

Is COSHH a cement?

It covers the key points you need to follow to help reduce exposure to an acceptable level, as part of your COSHH assessment. cement must contain less than 2 ppm soluble chromate. 3 Wet cement can cause severe skin burns and cause dermatitis. Lubricants and residual calcium chloride brine are also harmful to skin.

Is hard cement toxic?

The cement causes many issues: it is highly toxic, prompting eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation, and contains calcium oxide, corrosive to human tissue, and chromium, which can prompt severe allergic reactions.

Does Blue Circle cement contain plasticiser?

Blue Circle mortar is a ready-to-use M4 (or designation iii) 1:1:6 Cement:Hydrated Lime:Sand mortar. This product is specifically created for general brick and block work and is also ideal for repointing. The lime and plasticiser additives make it highly workable and cohesive, giving you the best results every time.

What strength is Blue Circle cement?

High Strength Concrete (40N) is a strong, hard-wearing blend of cement, sand and 10mm coarse aggregate. It is suitable for jobs such as concrete bases, drives, paths, footings and foundations, as well as other high strength applications.

Why is cement hazardous?

Cement industry is involved in the development of structure of this advanced and modern world but generates dust during its production. Cement dust causes lung function impairment, chronic obstructive lung disease, restrictive lung disease, pneumoconiosis and carcinoma of the lungs, stomach and colon.

What are the hazards of cement?

Cement can also cause chemical burns to the eyes. Cement also causes dermatitis. It can abrade the skin and cause irritant contact dermatitis. Cement also contains hexavalent chromium (chromate).

What are hazards associated with cement?

Does Blue Circle cement contain lime?

Is Blue Circle cement portland cement?

Blue Circle Industries was a British public company manufacturing cement. It was founded in 1900 as the Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd through the fusion of 24 cement works, mostly around on the Thames and Medway estuaries, together having around a 70% market share of the British cement market.