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What is the biggest Steiger tractor?

What is the biggest Steiger tractor?

The Tiger IV is the largest Steiger built to date at 525 hp (the CaseIH Steiger STX 500 at 500 hp is catching up). The Tiger IV was powered by a Cummins KTA 1150.

How much horsepower does a Steiger tractor have?

682 peak
Steiger tractors offer up to 682 peak horsepower — the most in the industry. And with 10 percent Power Growth capabilities built into all our engines, they can handle even more in difficult conditions without compromising performance.

What is the box on front of tractors?

Add a standard and heavy-duty Weight (Rock) Boxes to add traction, efficiency, and reduce slippage on your tractor, allowing you to finish your jobs faster.

Does Steiger still make tractors?

The recognition from the North American organisation comes as celebrations begin to mark 50 years since manufacturing of Steiger tractors began in Fargo, North Dakota (US) – the city where production is still ongoing today. The business became part of the Case IH empire in 1986.

Is there a tractor bigger than Big Bud?

Smaller than Big Bud and Big Roy, the AGCO Challenger MT975B tractor boasts the heaviest and widest tractor frame in the world. This big tractor measures 24 ft long by 16 ft wide and stands just over 12 ft tall; it’s a six-step climb up into the cab!

How many Steiger tractors were built?

The 800 Tiger was the first to use a Cummins engine, a 903 V-8. A model 850 log skidder was also produced. During the barn production time frame, approximately 125 tractors were built on the Steiger farm with the help of 20 employees. These tractors were distributed in both the U.S. and Canada.

How much does a Steiger tractor weigh?

The tractors are built in Case IH’s plant in Fargo, North Dakota, where already 50,000 units of this line were built as of September 2005. This tractor line is powered by engines with 405 to 682 hp….Case STX Steiger.

STX Steiger
Wheelbase 139–154 in (3,530.6–3,911.6 mm)
Curb weight 39,600–58,000 lb (17,962–26,308 kg)

How many horsepower is a Steiger cougar?

Steiger farm tractors by power

Model Power Years
Cougar III PTA-280 280 hp 1981 – 1983
Cougar III ST-280 280 hp 1981 – 1983
Cougar IV CM-280 280 hp 1983 – 1985
Cougar IV CS-280 280 hp 1984 – 1985

What is a rock box used for?

These boxes are durably constructed to withstand the demand of rigorous construction environments and industrial spaces. They are equipped to hold rocks, dirt, soil and other site materials.

Do I need weights on the front of my tractor?

Yes, but not all the time. It will never be a factor until you put a heavy attachment on, but improper weight distribution can literally lift your tires off the ground. Certain vehicles are heavy enough that this is not a problem, but the smaller tractors, with the larger attachments, will tip backwards or forwards.

Who bought out Steiger?

Steiger Tractor Inc., a farm equipment maker that has been operating under bankruptcy-law protection since June, said that Tenneco Inc. had agreed to buy the company in a deal worth $75 million.

How big is the Welker farm?

Third-generation farmer, Bob Welker, along with sons Nick and Scott, aim to carry on their family-farm legacy. Throughout the 10,000-acre farm, the Welkers grow spring wheat, winter wheat, yellow peas, and lentils.

What is a Steiger series I tractor?

The Series I Steigers offered a new refined chassis, tin work, a climatized cab mounted independently from the tractor frame and a 10/2 transmission. The Series I tractors continued using Steiger green on the frame and red on the grill and wheels.

Where are Steiger farm tractors made?

Tractor Shows Contact Steiger farm tractors by model The Steiger Tractor Company built large four-wheel drive tractors in the US Midwest. Steiger started in 1957 when John Steiger built a tractor in their dairy barn. By 1969, 126 tractors had been built on the farm when Steiger incorporated and moved into a new factory in Fargo, North Dakota.

What kind of engines do Steiger tractors use?

All of the tractors used Caterpillar engines and they were left in standard CAT yellow. In 1970 sixty-six dealerships took on Steiger. Series I Steigers were sold in new markets from coast to coast. In the South to rice farmers in Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma were quick to add 4wds to their operation.

What is a Steiger Big Roy tractor?

The tractor was a response to the introduction of Big Roy. Jack Johnson, president of Steiger, wanted to top the Big Roy model and took great personal interest in the 750-horsepower machine. It was built within a few days. Paul Nystuen Collection