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What is the best thing to put in a crawfish trap?

What is the best thing to put in a crawfish trap?

Traditionally crayfish traps in most countries are baited with fish. Swedes use sunfish, shiners and herring while Louisiana Cajuns often entice the crawfish with gizzard shad and pogies (menhaden). A commercial crayfisherman on the West Coast catches his crayfish with salmon heads and other oily fish.

How deep should a crawfish trap be?

Any container used to hold or transport live crayfish shall be vented at the bottom. The depth of crayfish in such container shall not exceed 13 inches. (k) All crayfish traps must be raised and processed at least once every 72 hours.

Where can I buy 19 gauge crawfish trap wire?

Anping Dongming Wiremesh Co.,Ltd sells only true 19 gauge crawfish wire that is measured before being hot-dipped galvanized and having a black vinyl coating applied. The superior quality crawfish trap wire with PVC coating is the perfect combination of protection and functionality.

What is the best wire for crab traps?

Crawfish wire is efficient and durable for trap making. Crawfish and crab fishermen, catchers, farmers and harvesters rely on sturdy, long-lasting crab wire to build their traps – the cornerstone of their business.

What kind of pot trap do you use for blue crabs?

Maryland Blue Crab Pot Trap, PVC Coated Wire mesh, Heavy Duty, Two T.E.D. (Turtle Excluder Device), Two Escape Rings, Float, Rope, Ready for use. Come with Crab & Lobster Measure Gauge. Made in USA . . . .

What type of wire mesh is used for crab netting?

Riverdale’s Crab Mesh, Crawfish Mesh and Perma-Netting® are known for being the highest quality wire mesh products in the market and are extensively used by commercial crab and crawfish fishermen for over two decades. Manufactured for use in harsh marine environments to prevent rusting, rotting, cracking and peeling