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What is the best part of Seattle to live in?

What is the best part of Seattle to live in?

Best Neighborhoods in Seattle

  1. Fremont.
  2. Belltown.
  3. Downtown.
  4. Pioneer Square.
  5. Magnolia.

What is the best suburb of Seattle?

The Best Suburbs in Seattle

  1. Renton. Lining the shores of Lake Washington, Renton offers lots of opportunities and is a place where families and businesses thrive.
  2. Bothell.
  3. Lake Forest Park.
  4. Bellevue.
  5. Newcastle.

What is the safest area to live in Seattle?

Check out our list of the five best affordable, safe neighborhoods in Seattle!

  • Arbor Heights.
  • Blue Ridge.
  • Bryant.
  • North Admiral.
  • Wedgwood.

Where do rich people live Seattle?

Medina. According to Mary Pong Group, the richest neighborhood in Seattle is Medina, as the median home price in this neighborhood is $2,002,000. Medina is a suburb of Seattle with a population of 3,267. The community has a rural feel as there are lots of parks, and the homes are set on large plots.

Is Bellevue cheaper than Seattle?

Bellevue is 14.0% more expensive than Seattle. Bellevue housing costs are 26.7% more expensive than Seattle housing costs. Health related expenses are 0.0% less in Bellevue.

Should I move to Seattle or San Francisco?

San Francisco is best known for its diversity, amazing cuisine, and exciting nightlife but it comes at a high cost. Seattle, by comparison, offers more affordable living and high-paying tech jobs with fewer cultural attractions and amenities.

What neighborhoods to avoid in Seattle?

Top 10 Bad Neighborhoods in Seattle

  • Rainier Beach. This neighborhood has a population of 15,358.
  • Riverview. A total of 3,508 people live in this neighborhood.
  • University District.
  • Lake City.
  • Capitol Hill.
  • Ballard.
  • Burien.
  • Beacon Hill.

Is it better to live in Seattle or Los Angeles?

Based on an overall US average index of 100, Seattle’s cost of living is 172.3, and LA’s is 173.3. That puts both LA and Seattle at 73% more expensive than the average US city. Your Seattle utility costs will be 36% lower than in LA, transportation costs will be 20% less, and health care costs will be 4% lower.

Where should you not stay in Seattle?

What is the cheapest place to live in the Seattle area?

Affordable Neighborhoods in Seattle

  • South Park. Located on the Duwamish River, South Park is a pocket of the city full of personality and much more affordable than the rest of the city — averaging under $1,400 a month.
  • Columbia City.
  • Pinehurst.
  • Greenwood.

What is the fanciest neighborhood in Seattle?

Top 5 Most Expensive & Richest Neighborhoods in Seattle

  • Denny-Blaine. One of the most expensive and richest neighborhoods in Seattle, Denny-Blaine is a small exclusive community slightly north east of downtown Seattle.
  • Broadmoor.
  • Laurelhurst.
  • Madison Park.
  • Windermere.

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