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What is the best month to visit the lavender farm?

What is the best month to visit the lavender farm?

Lavender season in Provence sadly isn’t a year-round affair. The best time to see the plants in bloom is from the last week of June to the beginning of August. Peak bloom is around mid-July – although this may vary year to year depending on the rainfall.

When can you see lavender fields in California?

June is the peak lavender season. Anytime between mid-May and mid-July is a good time to visit lavender farms in California.

Where is the world’s largest lavender farm?

Bridestowe Lavender Estate runs over 260 acres and is the world’s largest privately-owned lavender farm. With an estimated 650,000 plants, the lavender rows stretch for about 200 kilometres in total – our guests love to get lost in the purple flowers, clean air and open spaces of our farm.

Where are the most beautiful lavender fields?

8 Stunning Lavender Farms and Fields to Visit

  • Provence, France. Plateau de Valensole, Provence, France.
  • Purple Haze Lavender Farm – Sequim, Washington.
  • Hvar Island, Croatia.
  • Bridestowe – Tasmania, Australia.
  • Mayfield Lavender – Sutton, United Kingdom.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Lavender Valley – Hood River, Oregon.
  • Tomita Farm – Furano, Japan.

Is lavender blooming in Sequim?

Fields of lavender are the crop of choice for many small farms in Sequim. Lavender is in full bloom generally from June through September and every year it’s such a treat to see the beautiful purple fields swaying in the breeze.

How long does lavender stay in bloom?

The plants generally flower for three to four weeks. If you harvest the flower spikes quickly, most varieties, including ‘Royal Purple’ and ‘Nana Alba,’ will bloom a second time.

Where does lavender grow in California?

While freezing temperatures, rain and humidity make many varieties of lavender tricky to grow in most of the country, we in Los Angeles can grow all of them. Easily. Lavender comes from the Mediterranean, making Southern California a home away from home.

How long does lavender bloom in California?

When and How long does Lavender Bloom?

Lavender Species When does it bloom? How long does it bloom for?
English lavender May/June 4 weeks
French Lavender May/June Up to 3 months until Fall
Hybrid lavender June/July Up to 2 months until late Summer

Where does lavender grow best in the US?

Lavender is a drought tolerant plant and thrives in dryer conditions other than high humidity. Ideal places to grow lavender would be Hawaii, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and other states.

What states grow the most lavender?

So, it might not be a surprise that Oregon is among the top U.S. producers of lavender. The fragrant purple flower adapts well to the state’s moderate temperatures, sandy, well-drained soils and dry summers.

Where is the lavender Capital of the World?

Lavender can be used for relaxation, as a bug repellent, to relieve burns and itches, or as an air freshener. SEQUIM, Wash.

Which state grows the most lavender?