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What is the best month to swim with whale sharks?

What is the best month to swim with whale sharks?

Best Time to Swim with a Whale Shark. The good news is that the likelihood of swimming with a whale shark on your first tour is around 95% success rate from very late March to late July each year.

What time of year are the whale sharks?

When to go: Whale sharks generally arrive between November and June, with sightings peaking from February to April.

When can you see whale sharks in Roatan?

Whale sharks are common around Utila from the end of February, March and April and in fewer numbers from October to December. Sightings are possible all year round. However one still needs some luck finding them, therefore no sightings are guaranteed.

When can you swim with whale sharks in Hawaii?

November through February is the best time to go, as waters are both clear and warm enough for great shark spotting. The whale sharks float close to the surface here, so even snorkelers should be able to see them without going too far below the surface.

Where is the best place to dive with whale sharks?

Seven Best Places to Swim with Whale Sharks

  1. Holbox, Mexico and Isla Contoy, Mexico.
  2. Gladden Spit, Belize.
  3. Tanzania.
  4. Honda Bay, Palawan, Philippines.
  5. Utila, Honduras.
  6. Australia.

How much does it cost to swim with whale sharks?

All Whale Shark Tour operators charge the same price: 1,800 pesos or a little over $100 U.S. (no one on the island gives the full exchange rate). All boats hold 2 drivers and up to 8 passengers The price for private boats would have been $1,000.

Is it OK to swim with whale sharks?

While whale sharks have a huge mouth, they almost exclusively feed on plankton. That is why they are absolutely harmless to humans. They are mainly interested in fish eggs, algae and krill, and they are definitely not interested in the person swimming next to them.

Can you see whale sharks in February?

Whale shark season in Sodwana Bay Whale sharks can generally be found between November and April at Sodwana Bay, but visit between December and February for the highest chance of sightings.

What time of year are whale sharks in Honduras?

Well, Utila is unique because you have good chances to see them all year long, but usually the main season when they can be spotted starts at the end of February, goes through months of March and April, and then also the whale sharks can be seen in smaller numbers in the months of October and November.

What is the best time to visit Roatan?

May and September are probably the best months to visit Roatan since the weather is great and the island is not overcrowded with fellow tourists. If you wish to visit the island at the peak of its season, consider booking a ticket during the holidays such as New Years and Christmas. During this time of year.

How much does it cost to go swimming with whale sharks?

How rare are whale sharks in Hawaii?

“Currently we have over 120 verified, documented sightings from 1991 to 2018—with over half of those reported from 2017 (when we started our research) and 2018. It is likely that whale sharks have always passed through Hawaii, but it was so rare for an individual to see that they weren’t reported.”