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What is the best Islamic names for a girl in Urdu?

What is the best Islamic names for a girl in Urdu?

Giving your child the best Muslim name is just as important as giving him a good upbringing….Girl Names In Urdu.

Name Urdu Meaning
Aabidah عابدہ Worshipper.
Aaminah آمنہ۔ Secured, Safe.
Batool بتول Pure, Chaste, Virgin (Devoted To Allah)
Bisma بسمہ Caregiver, Polite, Obedient, And Significant

What is the best Arabic name for a girl?

Most Popular Arabic Baby Girl Names

  • Sadiya.
  • Shahnaz.
  • Sofi.
  • Suhana.
  • Tanaz.
  • Tahira. An exotic Arabic name, it means ‘pure and chaste’.
  • Zara. The name Zara in Arabic means ‘flower.
  • Zoya. Zoya is a cute Arabic name for girls, which means ‘alive, loving, and caring’.

What is best Islamic name for girl?

Popular Muslim Girl Names

  • Yasmin: Jasmine flower.
  • Yusra: Ease, comfort, blessedness, prosperous.
  • Zainab: Generous. Fragrant flower.
  • Zara: High status, exalted, eastern splendor, princess.
  • Zarah: Coming of dawn, form of Sarah, princess.
  • Zeenat: Decoration, beauty.
  • Ziya: Source of light or radiance.
  • Zoya: Love, life, and desire.

What is the best girls name in Quran?

Here is a collection of charming Quranic baby names you should definitely consider for your little one!

  • Udaina.
  • Urshia.
  • Waheeda.
  • Wardah.
  • Yameena.
  • Yasira.
  • Zahra.
  • Zeenah. ‘Zeenah’ has an Arabic origin, and it means ‘adornment’ or ‘a light to the world’.

What is the best Pakistani girl name?

Pakistan Baby Names for Girl List

Name Meaning Gender
Aqidah Faith or belief in something. Girl
Aqsaa Utmost, farthest or the pinnacle. Girl
Arafaa Name of a mountain close to Mecca. Girl
Arfaana Wise, wisdom and decisiveness. A wise and intelligent woman. Girl

What is princess in Arabic name?

Shahzadi: Shahzadi is an Arabic name, meaning princess.