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What is the best Hindu names for a boy?

What is the best Hindu names for a boy?

Popular hindu boy names

  • Aadavan 3575. In Sanskrit, it means ‘the sun’.
  • Aadi 3121. In Sanskrit,the name means ‘the beginning’ ,’the first’ or most important It is a spiritual name that helps the person to inspire others in a humble and positive manner.
  • Aadit 2101.
  • Aadvik 7774.
  • Aahan 5352.
  • Aalok 1655.
  • Aanav 2195.
  • Aarin 1416.

Which name is best for boy Hindu unique?

Top 200 Unique Indian Names for Baby Boy with Meanings….Uncommon Names for Baby Boy.

Name Meaning
Aadidev The first God, The Lord of the lords, The first God;
Aadiv Delicate (Pleasant in Hebrew)
Aagney Born from fire, Karna ,The great warrior
Aahan Sunrise, First Ray of light (Greetings in Urdu)

Which name is best for boy Hindu modern?

100 Awesome modern Hindu baby boy names:

Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Meaning Meaning
Hiresh King of gems Lord Ganesh
Ihit Prize, honour Lord Vishnu
Ishir Agni/Fire, Powerful, Refreshing Pleased, Delighted
Ivaan Glorious and gracious gift of God, The Sun White Lotus, One who is born from water

Which name is best for boy Hindu 2022?

100 Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names of 2022

  • Aadav (The sun)
  • Aadi (The beginning)
  • Aaryan (Honourable, Noble)
  • Aayansh (The sun)
  • Advik (Unique)
  • Bhavin (Living being)
  • Bhoumik (Down to earth)
  • Chaitanya (Life)

What is the rarest Hindu boy name?

Rare Indian names for boys

  • Balakrishnan – ‘young Krishna’
  • Calvert – ‘shepherd’
  • Devesh – ‘Lord Shiva’
  • Eashan – ‘Shiva’
  • Fakir – ‘a saintly person’
  • Gangesh – ‘Lord of the Ganges River’
  • ‘Hardeep’ – ‘lamp of God’
  • Ishan – ‘Lord Shiva of wealthy sun’

What is the best Hindu name?

Top Hindu Baby Boy Names

Sr No. Hindu Baby Boy Names Meaning
1 Aahan First ray of light, dawn, sunrise
2 Parth Ruler, star
3 Aakil Intelligent, smart
4 Kiaan Ancient or king

What are common Indian boy names?


  • Noah.
  • Oliver.
  • Elijah.
  • William.
  • James.
  • Benjamin.
  • Lucas.
  • What are some meaningful Indian, Hindu names for baby boys?

    Aahan. – This is a short and a unique name that means “dawn” or “sunrise.”

  • Advik. – Unique is the name,“unique” is its meaning.
  • Arnav. – The name means “ocean” or “sea.”
  • Atharva. – The name Atharva is a great choice from our top 100 baby boy names.
  • Aakarsh. – Your child will be “center of attraction.”.
  • Aanan.
  • Advay.
  • Aarav.
  • Aarush.
  • Akul.
  • What are some American Indian names for boys?

    Aarav: Aarav is a famous American Hindu baby boy name which means “peaceful” or a “person who is at peace”.

  • Dev: Dev is a simple name for Indo American baby boys and is pronounced as “Dehv”. This Sanskrit derived word means “god-like”.
  • Neel: The word “Neel has multiple meanings in different cultures.
  • What are common Hindu names?

    Aadarshini. Aadarshini is a Hindi name meaning ‘Idealistic.’ Aadarshini is perfect for the neo-Indian family looking for a different name for their one-in-a-million daughter.

  • Aaloka. All parents want their children to live bright life.
  • Aamani. Was your daughter born in the spring season?
  • Aapti.
  • Aarushi.
  • Aashita.
  • Aashrita.
  • Aatmaja.
  • Ahaana.
  • Abhijishya.