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What is the best filler for under eyes?

What is the best filler for under eyes?

hyaluronic acid fillers
Since they’re transparent, easy to smooth, and less likely to clump, hyaluronic acid fillers are the most common filler type used in the under-eye area. Hyaluronic acid provides the shortest result of all the fillers but is considered by some practitioners to provide the most natural look.

Is Restylane a good filler for under eyes?

Restylane-L is the best under eye filler in the market while it’s FDA-approved and helps to give that subtle change that will just slightly change the way you look. And the best part is, most people can’t tell what changes you’ve made with this under eye filler filler!

Is Juvederm or Restylane better for under eyes?

For instance, if used in the hollows under the eyes,Juvederm is so smooth that it can easily travel to the top of the cheek, creating fullness where you don’t want it. In contrast, Restylane is more cohesive than smooth, and it is perfect for the areas under the eyes or other spots where you want a fuller effect.

How long does Restylane last under the eye?

Ideally, Restylane typically lasts from 9 months up to a year. This is due to the fact that there is very little movement in the eye area. Results can last longer—depending on how quickly your body dissolves fillers and the shape of your under-eye area. We recommend tear trough PRF in a series of three treatments.

Is one syringe of Restylane enough for under eyes?

The answer to your question, as with many questions in plastic surgery, is “it depends.” For most of my patients, 1 – 2 syringes of Restylane are sufficient to fill the under-eye hollows (“tear troughs”). For younger patients, this is especially true.

Are Under eye fillers worth it?

Dr. Maiman says that under-eye fillers are great if you need to fill up lost volume—meaning you have noticeable tear troughs and physical hollows beneath your eyes—but they aren’t necessarily an instant fix for all dark circles. “Filler won’t help pigmentation.

How many vials of Restylane do you need for under eyes?

1-2 syringes
However, in general, how many syringes of restylane for under eyes is limited to 1-2 syringes to treat both eyes.

Which under eye filler lasts the longest?

(Juvéderm Volbella is the longest-lasting, according to Liotta.)

What age should you get under eye filler?

If you’re looking to a dermal filler to combat signs of aging, your mid-20s is often a good time to start. Your body starts to lose bone and collagen around age 26, so it’s a good time to begin maintenance injections. By starting early, you’ll use require less product than if you wait until your mid-50s.

How many syringes do you need for under eye filler?

“Each syringe contains 1ml, which is the equivalent of one-fifth of a teaspoon’s worth of volume,” says Zeichner. And while “in some cases it takes more than one syringe to achieve optimal results,” he notes, most patients require only a single syringe to fill the hollows beneath both eyes.