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What is the best bait for yellowfin whiting?

What is the best bait for yellowfin whiting?

Bait. Preferences for baits are as personalised as the anglers chasing them. For most, blood worms are the best bet, while other anglers will swear by using only shrimp, pieces of prawn, squid or tube worms and the list goes on. Light gear is recommended, preferably a 1000 or 2500 size reel on a 6ft6”, 4kg rod.

What is the best fishing rig for whiting?

One of the simplest set-ups you can use for whiting is the running sinker rig. It requires only the use of a blood knot and is simple to tie. It requires a ball sinker running down to a swivel with a leader length of around 70-90cm from the swivel to your hook; 5kg monofilament leader will be fine in most scenarios.

How do you catch yellowfin whiting?

Being highly predatory fish, yellowfin whiting can often be tempted by a well-presented surface lure. In fact, catching inshore whiting on small poppers and stickbaits has become extremely popular. Stickbaits are best retrieved with a short, flicking action and at slow to moderate speed.

What size hooks for whiting?

size 4 to 8
Use a long shank hook, size 4 to 8 and always go for the top brands. They are perfect for baiting live worms, yabbies and pipis and the long shank is easier to remove from the long snout of a Whiting. Run a long leader up to a swivel, and weight for conditions. A ball sinker is best.

Are Circle Hooks good for whiting?

Circle hooks are a great alternative to using long-shanked hooks for King George whiting. Soft plastics can also be used on circle hooks. The author with a pair of whiting caught on small circles. Pilchard fillets are ideal when targeting big deep-water whiting, and they are easy to rig on circle hooks.

What’s the best size hook for whiting?

The best hook size for surf fishing for pompano and whiting is a #1 or 1/0 circle hook. This is the perfect size range for catching tons of whiting, croakers and pompano using sand fleas or fish bites.

What tide is best for whiting?

Low tide gutters By far the peak period for these types of formations is one hour before to one hour after low tide. With the right conditions (light swell), low tide concentrates the whiting in the deep water closest to the pipis and worms at the shore or along the back bank.

What do yellowfin whiting eat?

polychaete worms
Yellowfin whiting are benthic carnivores, preying predominantly on polychaete worms, with minor amounts of copepods, amphipods and bivalves also commonly taken.

Are circle hooks good for whiting?

Can you catch whiting on circle hooks?

Circle hooks might be new to some anglers but the reality is that they have been around for hundreds of years. Circle hooks can be very effective when fishing for King George Whiting.

How to catch yellowfin whiting?

HOW TO CATCH YELLOWFIN WHITING 1 Time of Day. Late morning/early afternoon when the wind picks up is usually the best time of day to fishing for yellowfin whiting. 2 Bait. Preferences for baits are as personalised as the anglers chasing them. 3 Lures. 4 Rigs and techniques for bait fishers.

What is the best fishing rod for Whiting?

These soft-tipped rods will actually hook the fish by themselves but the softness in the rod blank maximises the breaking strain of the line, which lessens the chance of line breakage. The Gary Howard and Snyder Glas ranges of rods are the best you can buy for catching whiting as well as many other species.

What gear do Whiting anglers use?

I would not only like to explain the gear used but also why we whiting anglers use it. Like most fishing nowadays, it is all the little things you do right that bring the results of catching fish consistently. First are the rods used, which are generally 9’ to 10’6” in length.

Where is the best place to catch whiting in WA?

The WA coastline has a range of inshore flats which are readily accessible for those prepared to wade, such as the Peel-Harvey Estuary. It’s best to find a location which has plenty of natural whiting food like shrimps, prawns and clickers, and ensuring the wind is on your back, to assist with your cast.