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What is the average package of NIT Jalandhar?

What is the average package of NIT Jalandhar?

As per the media reports, the top offer given to NIT Jalandhar students during 2021-22 drive was INR 44 LPA and was the highest ever. The average package also increased this year and stood at INR 11.87 LPA.

Is NIT Jalandhar a good college?

NIT Jalandhar is one of the best engineering colleges in India, and the college’s cutoff list is not too high. Admission to the college is done through the GATE entrance exam, and a GATE qualification is required.

Which is better NIT Jamshedpur or NIT Jalandhar?

Both the NITs are equally good and have very good facilities and placements. NIT Jalandhar was established in 1987 and NIT Jamshedpur was established in 1960. So, you can take admission in either of them according to the branch you choose.

Is NIT Jalandhar CSE good?

It has very good placements, infrastructure and facilities. The college is worth to take admission. Placements: Placements of NIT Jalandhar are very good for CSE. Students who are applicable for placements got more than 100% placement offers, and some students also got an offer from two or more companies.

Is NIT Jalandhar good for btech?

D.R. BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jalandhar ranked 52nd by NIRF 2020 report. The institute maintains a good placement record over years.

Which is better ECE or it in NIT Jalandhar?

First of all its totally depends on your interest that which branch you should choose. If you are interested in CSE then there’s no point of taking ECE even in better NIT and vice- versa. But if you have same interest and you are confuse the according to me you should go for CSE In NiT Jalandhar.

Is NIT Jalandhar a Tier 1 college?

There are only. NIT colleges which are comes under tier 1. Those are NITWarangal,Calicut,Surathkal,Trichy,Alahabad.

Which is better NIT Bhopal or Jalandhar?

NIT Jalandhar has better infrastructure. MANIT Bhopal has better startup culture. MANIT Bhopal has a better technical fest. MANIT Bhopal has better nightlife than NIT Jalandhar.

Which is best NIT Jalandhar or NIT Hamirpur?

Answer. As per the ratings, you can consider both the options very good but as per the reviews provided by the students or alumni National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur is bit better.

Which is better NIT Jalandhar or Pec?

Both NIT Jalandhar, as well as the PEC Chandigarh, provides full-time 4-year long UG courses for CSE and ECE. NIT Jalandhar has been ranked 52 by the NIRF rankings this year, while the PEC Chandigarh has been ranked 68 by the NIRF. The PEC Chandigarh is a Deemed University while NIT Jalandhar is a Government Institute.

Is there ragging in NIT Jalandhar?

JALANDHAR: Seven former students of National Institute of Technology were convicted and sentenced by a local court in a six-year-old case of suicide by a junior due to ragging. Four students including a girl were acquitted by the court.

Which is better NIT Hamirpur or NIT Jalandhar?

For CSE, NIT Hamirpur will be better than NIT Jalandhar. It offers better infrastructure, facilities, and placements for the branch. There is an independent computer center at the campus. NIT Hamirpur placements for CSE are excellent.