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What is the average age of Trafalgar Tours?

What is the average age of Trafalgar Tours?

Trafalgar tours are suitable for all ages. The average age is 40+. Insight tours cater for all ages.

What is the difference between Trafalgar and Globus?

Globus includes some local dining experiences on tour, but Trafalgar normally includes both local dinners and a Be My Guest dinner, which is an opportunity to get to know the locals and regions better. Food tastes so much better when it’s shared with local people who have a story to tell.

Does Trafalgar do small group tours?

At Trafalgar, we added small group tours in 2021 so you can enjoy the same incredible Trafalgar experiences just with a smaller group. As always, you’ll explore with like-minded people and every detail will be cared for, including your wellbeing.

How many people are in a Trafalgar small group tour?

New Small Group Active Tours Each trip is limited to no more than 17 guests at a time.

Is Trafalgar a good tour company?

Trafalgar tours is an excellent company. The tours and people are great and they handle everything. You can never see so much or learn so much on your own. This trip was phenomenal and I would definitely recommend it.

Where is Trafalgar Tours based?

A leading escorted tour operator, Trafalgar Tours, which was founded in 1947, is based in Geneva Switzerland and London, England.

Which European tour company is best?

The Best European Tour Companies

European Tour Company Best For
1 Viking European Tours Great Destinations
2 Grand European Travel Great Customizable Tours
3 Expat Explore Great Destinations and Itineraries
4 Globus Great Service

What is Trafalgar Travel Group?

Trafalgar’s classic group tours are the ultimate way to experience the world with like-minded travellers. From the historic canals of Venice to the sun-drenched shores of Hawaii, our group travel tours take care of every detail so you can relax and explore with complete ease.

What is Trafalgar Tours known for?

2022 Now Open for Sale! Trafalgar will show you why Asia is one of their favorite continents as they showcase its incredible depth; visible through vibrant cultures, diverse cuisines, ancient traditions and deep spirituality.