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What is the architecture of Siebel?

What is the architecture of Siebel?

At a high level, the Siebel architecture consists of: Web clients that access the business data. A Web server that handles interactions with the Web clients. Servers that manage the business data and provide batch and interactive services for clients.

What are parts of Siebel Web architecture?

Includes third-party RDBMS software and Siebel tables, indexes, and seed data. Also includes the Siebel runtime repository. Shared file system directory or directories storing data and physical files used by Siebel clients and Siebel application components.

What are the different layers in Siebel application?

Siebel Object Architecture

  • Physical User Interface Layer. This layer contains Siebel Web template files that control the style and structure of the user interface.
  • Logical User Interface Layer.
  • Business Objects Layer.
  • Data Objects Layer.
  • DBMS.

What is Siebel application interface?

Siebel Application Interface enables communication between Siebel Web Clients and Siebel Servers. Siebel applications are a family of Web-based applications that users access through a standard Web browser. Several components work together to deliver the applications to end users: Siebel Web Client.

What language is used in Siebel?

Siebel eScript is a scripting or programming language that application developers use to write simple scripts to extend Siebel applications. JavaScript, a popular scripting language used primarily on Web sites, is its core language. Siebel eScript is ECMAScript compliant.

What is Siebel called now?

On September 12, 2005, Oracle Corporation announced it had agreed to buy Siebel Systems for $5.8 billion. “Siebel” is now a brand name owned by Oracle Corporation.

What is WSDL in Siebel?

The WSDL file specifies the interface to the inbound Web service. This file is used by Web service clients to support creation of code to call the Siebel Web service. When you have created a new inbound Web service record you can generate a WSDL document, as described in the following procedure.

What is Siebel data model?

SIEBEL DATA MODEL : —————– – Defines how data used by Siebel Applications. is stored in standard third party relational. database.

Is Siebel a web based application?

At its annual user conference in Chicago, Siebel Systems Inc. today debuted a fully Web-architectural version of its flagship customer relationship management (CRM) software.

How do I create a value list in Siebel?

Creating a New List of Values

  1. In Siebel Tools, click the Screens application menu, click System Administration, and then click the List of Values menu item.
  2. In the List of Values list, create a header record for the new LOV Type using values from the following table.

How do you configure Siebel application?

Siebel has to be configured in a specific sequence:

  1. Create a Gateway Name Server.
  2. Configure an enterprise in the Gateway Name Server.
  3. Check the ODBC connection strings.
  4. Run the DB Configuration utilities to install the Siebel Database.
  5. Configure the Siebel Application Server.
  6. Create a web server logical profile.

Does Siebel require coding?

Siebel Tools provides many ways to configure your Siebel application without coding, and these methods should be exhausted before you attempt to write your own code, for the following reasons: Using Siebel Tools is easier than writing code. More important, your code may not survive an upgrade.

What is the Siebel object architecture?

The following figure describes this Siebel object architecture. The architecture includes the following items: Physical user interface objects layer. Includes the physical files, templates, style sheets, and other metadata that reference files. Siebel CRM uses these files to render the user interface that it displays in the client.

How does a Siebel application work?

Siebel applications use a third party web server like IIS or Apache. When the user enters the application URL in the browser or performs an action in the Siebel application, the request travels over HTTP to reach the web server.

How do I create a web applet in Siebel Tools?

To create an applet web template in Siebel Tools, you can use the Web Applet Designer and the following object types: To create a view web template in Siebel Tools, you can use the following object types: The user interacts with Siebel CRM through a Web browser.

What type of database does Siebel use?

Siebel uses a third party relational database – Oracle or DB2 are supported. Typically the database servers are placed in the same data center as the application server, and should have good network connectivity with the Siebel server.