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What is the 2012 Geneva communique?

What is the 2012 Geneva communiqué?

June 2012 Geneva “action group” Mr Annan, issuing a communiqué, said that the conference agreed on the need for a “transitional government body with full executive powers” which could include members of the present Syrian government and of the opposition.

What is the Astana agreement?

The “Astana Process” talks aimed to support the framework in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution 2254, and ended on the 24th with an agreement between Iran, Russia, and Turkey to form a joint monitoring body to work to enforce the Resolution 2254 ceasefire.

When was Syria peaceful?

Divisions between the country’s Sunni majority and the ruling ʿAlawite elite were also a factor. The regime’s harsh military crackdown escalated tensions, and by September 2011 the peaceful protests had become an armed insurgency.

How many years is Syria war?

Eleven years
Eleven years of war have inflicted immense suffering on the Syrian people. More than half of Syria’s pre-war population of 22 million have fled their homes. Some 6.9 million are internally displaced, with more than two million living in tented camps with limited access to basic services.

Is Syria part of the Geneva Convention?

Syria signed but never ratified the Convention on Biological Weapons. These treaties therefore do not apply. Yet in 1953 Syria did sign the Geneva Conventions and, in 1968, the Geneva Gas Protocol of 1925. These are important commitments.

What is the international Syria support group?

The members of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) established a ceasefire task force (CTF) “to take immediate steps to secure the full support of all parties to the conflict for a cessation of hostilities”.

Who bombed Syria in 2011?

Al-Qaeda. Immediately, the Syrian government claimed that al-Qaeda was behind these attacks.

Is Syria a party to Additional Protocol 2?

Syria has not ratified Protocol II to the Geneva Conventions, which amplifies the treaty law governing certain NIACs that involve violence between governmental forces and armed non-state actors (but not necessarily violence between different non-state actors) and some showing of territorial control by rebel forces.

What do the Geneva Conventions say?

It specifically prohibits murder, mutilation, torture, the taking of hostages, unfair trial, and cruel, humiliating and degrading treatment. It requires that the wounded, sick and shipwrecked be collected and cared for. It grants the ICRC the right to offer its services to the parties to the conflict.

What is the major event going on in Syria in 2015?

Displacement Crisis As of February 2015, the UN secretary-general named 11 besieged areas in Syria. The Syrian American Medical Society identified 38 additional communities that meet the definition of besieged bringing their total of besieged to 640,000.