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What is Tehsil of Ghazipur?

What is Tehsil of Ghazipur?

List of all Tehsils in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh state with details of Population, Religion, Literacy and Sex Ratio….Tehsils in Ghazipur District, Uttar Pradesh.

# Tehsil District
1 Mohammadabad Ghazipur
2 Ghazipur Ghazipur
3 Zamania Ghazipur
4 Saidpur Ghazipur

How many tehsils are there in Ghazipur?

Their are Total 2583 inhabited villages and 781 uninhabited villages in district. In Urban sector their are 3 Nagar Paika Parishad ( Ghazipur, Muhammdabad, Zamania ) and 5 Town Areas ( Saidpur, Jangipur,Dildarnagar, Sadaat and Bahadurganj )….Tehsil.

S No Tehsil Name
1 Ghazipur
2 Saidpur
3 Muhammdabad
4 Zamania

Who is DM Ghazipur 2021?

Shri Mangla Prasad Singh

Name Designation Address
Shri Mangla Prasad Singh District Magistrate Collectorate Campus, Ghazipur
Shri Ram Badan Singh Superintendent Of Police (S.P.) SP Office, Ghazipur

How many SDM are there in Ghazipur?

Ghazipur District is situated near to Jaunpur and Varanasi….Ghazipur Phone Numbers – District Level Officers U.

S.No. Post Contact
5. SDM Mohammadabad (05493) 242172 9454417076
6. SDM Sadar (0548) 2221499 2220464 9454417075
7. SDM Jakhaniya (05495) 235636 222050 9454417079
8. SDM Zamania (05497) 252212 2221487 9454417078

How many Tehsil are in Uttar Pradesh?

Other terms such as taluks, subdivisions, mandals, circles are officially used in the administration of respective states….Statewise Subdistricts of India.

State Subdistrict title Number of sub-districts
Tripura Subdivision 38
Uttar Pradesh Tehsil 350
Uttarakhand Tehsil 113

How many thana are there in Ghazipur?

Their are total 27 Police Stations in District Ghazipur….List of Police station of Ghazipur District.

S. No. Office / Station name CUG Mobile Number
1 Kotwali Police Station 9454403456
2 Karanda Police Station 9454403452
3 Jangipur Police Station 9454403451
4 Mahila police station 9454404886

What is the old name of Ghazipur?

Its ancient name of Gadhipur was changed to Ghazipur about 1330, reputedly in honour of Ghāzī Malik, a Muslim ruler of the Tughluq dynasty.

Who is SP City Ghazipur?

Shri Ram Badan Singh
Designation : Superintendent Of Police (S.P.)

Who is CMO of Ghazipur?

DR PRAGATI KUMAR – medical officer – cmo ghazipur | LinkedIn.

Which is the biggest tehsil in India?

Mauranipur is 60.43 km from the city of Jhansi, and 252 km from Uttar Pradesh’s capital city Lucknow. Calculated by land area, it is the largest tehsil in India.

What is tehsil and district?

India, as a vast country, is subdivided into many states and union territories for administrative purposes. Further divisions of these states are known as districts. These districts (jilla/zilla) are again divided into many subdivisions, viz tehsils or talukas.

Who is the DSP of Ghazipur?

Shri Ram Badan Singh | District Ghazipur, Government of Uttar Pradesh | India.