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What is T4 syndrome?

What is T4 syndrome?

T4 syndrome or upper thoracic syndrome was described as “a pattern that involves upper extremity paraesthesia”. It can be caused by thoracic hypomobility but can also have a sympathetic origin. Fibers pass the dorsal root ganglia as it sits in the intervertebral foramen. Next they emerge as part of a spinal segmental nerve.

Is T4 syndrome associated with periscapular and rib pain?

There is no evidence about examinations that include T4 syndrome. Unfortunately, a great deal of literature exists on shoulder pain, yet little exists in the area of periscapular or rib pain But it is almost certain that the intervertebral joint around T4 is hypomobile in patients with T4 syndrome.

What are the signs and symptoms of T4 lymphoma?

Typical signs and symptoms include headaches, neck and arm pain and ‘bilateral stocking glove’ paresthesia. It is more likely to be a differential diagnosis and T4 symptom should only be concluded once other conditions are excluded.

What are the symptoms of T4 clavicle syndrome?

Clinical Bottom Line. This results in a kind of repetitive strain injury, but with sympathetic symptoms. So it is possible that in a T4 syndrome, not the joint who causes the problems, but the arteriole. Typical signs and symptoms include headaches, neck and arm pain and ‘bilateral stocking glove’ paresthesia.

What are the signs and symptoms of thoracic T4 syndrome?

The T4 syndrome Upper extremity symptoms of nocturnal or early morning paresthesias, especially in a glove-like distribution, coupled with headaches and a stiff upper thoracic spine without neurological signs of disease may indicate a T4 syndrome. Manipulation of the dysfunctional upper thoracic segments may reliev …

What is the best treatment for T4 syndrome?

After analgesia has been optimized and if pain is still an issue with functional deficits, physiotherapy is the primary treatment option for T4 syndrome. Various manual therapy techniques have been shown to have some affect on symptom relief. Thoracic joint mobilisation techniques are the basics in treating T4 syndrome.