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What is t Rex in Pointwise?

What is t Rex in Pointwise?

If you’re doing 2D viscous CFD or using Pointwise to prepare surface meshes for Gridgen, T-Rex is a tool you need to try. T-Rex automatically gives you a highly clustered mesh with high-quality cells (triangles with included right angles) and the ability to smoothly handle complex geometry.

How do you set boundary conditions in Pointwise?

To change the boundary condition type, double-click on the label of the boundary condition type you want to change. This will activate a pulldown list where you can select the desired boundary condition type.

What is hybrid meshing?

A hybrid mesh is a multiresolution surface representation that com- bines advantages from regular and irregular meshes. Irregular op- erations allow a hybrid mesh to change topology throughout the hi- erarchy and approximate detailed features at multiple scales.

Is Pointwise free?

FORT WORTH, TX (14 October 2019) – Pointwise announces the launch of Pointwise Viewer, free software for importing, viewing, measuring, and examining the cell quality metrics of virtually any mesh.

Is Pointwise open source?

The perfect ally for your open-source solver Pointwise provides a user-friendly interface that facilitates the management of both the meshing and the export process, making it quick and comprehensive.

What is the difference between structured and unstructured mesh?

Typically a structured mesh is comprised of hex (brick)elements (quads in 2D) that follow a unifrom pattern. An unstructured mesh does not follow a unifrom pattern, usually comprised of tet elements (tris in 2D).

What is hybrid mesh in CFD?

Hybrid meshes, consisting of mixed element types, allow analysts to combine the ease of tetrahedral meshing on complex geometries with the advantages of traditional hexahedral cells in regions of less geometric complexity.

What is Pointwise limit?

The pointwise limit of a sequence of continuous functions may be a discontinuous function, but only if the convergence is not uniform. For example, takes the value when is an integer and when. is not an integer, and so is discontinuous at every integer.

What is the best meshing software for CFD?


  • CHAM.
  • Fluent.
  • Metaconp.
  • MeteoDyn.
  • Siemens.
  • Why structured mesh is better than unstructured?

    Structured meshes allow programmers to enumerate the nodes in such a way that any adjacent elements or nodes can be called upon without knowing any connectivity information. It is also possible to access coordinates easily because the size of each element does not vary element to element.

    What is C type mesh?

    Rochak Badyal this is a very common method used to create the fluid domain while analysing an airfoil. This is called C-mesh or C-domain. The reason behind this kind of domain is to distribute the cell (mesh) density along the critical areas.