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What is Sysmex hematology?

What is Sysmex hematology?

Automated Hematology Systems Sysmex is a global leader in clinical hematology analyzers, information systems and services*. Our hematology analyzers meet the high standards clinical laboratories expect and require. Each analyzer with the Sysmex name is designed and manufactured by Sysmex.

What is sysmex XP100?

Description for Sysmex XP100 Cell Counter. The XP-100 is an automated 3-part differential hematology analyzer – and a great choice for laboratories that need robust, reliable service and high-quality diagnostic results.

How many results can be stored in the Poch 100i stored data?

The instrument can store 20 patient samples and 100 quality control results.

How does hematology analyzer work?

A single-cell stream passes through a laser beam. The absorbance is measured, and the scattered light is measured at multiple angles to determine the cell’s granularity, diameter, and inner complexity. These are the same cell morphology characteristics that can be determined manually from a slide.

What is the meaning of Sysmex?

Sysmex means Sysmex Corporation and its affiliates which shall mean a corporation performing activities relating to Sysmex’s business in which Sysmex owns and controls, directly or indirectly, at least fifty percent (50%) of the outstanding shares entitled to vote for the Board of directors and which agree in writing …

How does a Sysmex work?

Sysmex Technology WBC and RBC counts are obtained using impedance technology, which is enhanced by a sheathed stream with hydrodynamic focus- ing in the RBC/platelet channel, and by floating thresholds in the WBC/platelet channel to accurately discriminate cell pop- ulations.

What is cell counter machine?

Automated cell counters are machines that automatically count cells. The sample is loaded into an automated cell counter and it is forced through a small tube while the automated cell counter uses optical or electrical impedance sensors to count how many cells go through the tube.

What is a 3-part differential hematology analyzer?

The 3-part differential analyzer measures the volume of white blood cells electrically and classifies the cells, based on their size, into three groups: a small white blood cell group (lymphocytes), a medium-sized white blood cell group (monocytes, eosinophils, and basophils), and a large white blood cell group ( …

What is a 5-part differential hematology analyzer?

A 5-part differential hematology instrument uses the principle of flow cytometry to differentiate white blood cells (WBC) into their five major sub-populations—neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, and basophils—based on cell size and complexity (granularity).

What is a 3 part differential hematology analyzer?

How does sysmex measure hemoglobin?

Our SLS haemoglobin detection method uses cyanide-free sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). The reagent lyses red blood cells and white blood cells in the sample. The chemical reaction begins by altering the globin and then oxidising the haeme group.

How does the Sysmex work?

Sysmex Technology The Sysmex automated CBC analyzers use the following technologies to measure and count circulating blood cells and cellular components: (1) direct current impedance, (2) advanced optical light scatter technol- ogy, (3) fluorescent flow cytometry, and (4) spectrophotometry.

What makes the poch-100i different from other hematology analyzers?

Designed for near patient testing and low sample volume laboratories, the pocH-100i is built on the proven technology of the Sysmex high-end hematology analyzers. Same direct current detection method as Sysmex high-end systems to provide accurate, comparable results

What are the advantages of the poch-100?

Greater diagnostic value for detecting and monitoring infections and inflammations thanks to a separated neutrophil count within the scope of the 3-part differential The pocH-100 i demonstrates perfectly why size doesn’t matter.

Why choose Sysmex’s 3-part differential analyser?

Using Sysmex’s proven impedance technology with hydrodynamic focusing, this great 3-part differential analyser delivers absolute counts based on defined volume analysis with the excellent reliability typical of all our instruments.

Why choose Sysmex?

Sysmex provides a comprehensive line of products and services designed to streamline workflow and keep your hematology laboratory running smoothly. Complementary back up system. All hematology analyzers that carry the respected Sysmex name are developed, manufactured and supported by Sysmex to give you comparable results and maximum productivity.