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What is surface marking of the brachial artery?

What is surface marking of the brachial artery?

The position of the brachial artery is marked by a line drawn from the junction of the anterior and middle thirds of the distance between the anterior and posterior axillary folds to a point midway between the epicondyles of the humerus and continued distally for 2.5 cm., at which point the artery bifurcates.

Where is the brachial artery most vulnerable?

Brachial artery is vulnerable to injury at its distal end inposterior dislocation of the elbow, in which the brachial artery is entrapped between the rigid bicipital aponeurosis and the dislocated distal humerus.

What is brachial artery disease?

Brachial artery stenosis is a rare phenomenon often associated with atherosclerotic disease, giant cell arteritis, fibromuscular dysplasia, and trauma. Management generally depends on the underlying cause of the stenosis as well as the severity.

What happens if the brachial artery is damaged?

The following findings were considered to be signs of arterial injury: brisk bleeding, expanding pulsatile hematoma, pale and cold upper extremities, absent or weak radial and ulnar pulses and associated profound neurological deficits.

What causes brachial artery pain?

Traumatic injuries are the most common cause of brachial artery damage since the blood vessel is close to the surface of the skin. Vascular disorders such as an aneurysm, blood clot or peripheral artery disease (PAD) can also affect this artery in your arm, but these are fairly rare.

Is brachial artery superficial?

The superficial brachial artery (SBA), a branch of the axillary artery, is one of the most common arterial variations in this area. While it is more vulnerable to accidental arterial injection or injury, it could be useful for the nourishment of a medial arm skin free flap.

Why does my brachial artery hurt?

Is brachial artery on inside of arm?

The brachial artery is a major blood vessel located in the upper arm and is the main supplier of blood to the arm and hand. The brachial artery continues from the axillary artery at the shoulder and travels down the underside of the arm.

Where is the brachial artery located?

The brachial artery is the extension of the axillary artery starting at the lower margin of the teres major muscle and is the major artery of the upper extremity. The brachial artery courses along the ventral surface of the arm and gives rise to multiple smaller branching arteries before reaching the cubital fossa.

What nerve runs with brachial artery?

The median nerve
The median nerve, a division of the brachial plexus, initially lies lateral to the brachial artery at its proximal segment. At its distal segment, the median nerve crosses the medial side of the brachial artery and lies in the ventral cubital fossa.

Where is the brachial artery located in the arm?

Where is brachial artery located?