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What is STC army?

What is STC army?

The Army National Guard (ARNG) Sustainment Training Center (STC) at Camp Dodge, Iowa, serves as the ARNG’s primary training center for sustainment units and provides collective technical and tactical training and evaluations.

How many soldiers are in the Iowa Army National Guard?

7,000 Soldiers
About us. The Iowa National Guard serves as a military organization for the State of Iowa and the United States. It is comprised of nearly 7,000 Soldiers and 2,000 Airmen.

Does Iowa have an army?

The Iowa Army National Guard is a state agency of the State of Iowa, with significant funding from the Federal Government of the United States; and a reserve component of the United States Army. It has dual Federal and State missions….Iowa Army National Guard.

Headquarters, State Area Command Iowa National Guard
Garrison/HQ Johnston, Iowa

How big is the Iowa National Guard?

There are currently about 800 Iowa Guard soldiers and airmen on active duty, most of whom are deployed to the Middle East.

How many National Guard units are in Iowa?

56 armories
Background. The Iowa Army National Guard maintains 56 armories in 53 communities. When National Guard troops are called to federal service, the President serves as Commander-in-Chief.

What is the biggest military base in Iowa?

Camp Dodge
Camp Dodge rapidly grew to contain 20 miles of dirt streets, more than 150 two-story barracks billeting 150 men, a 2,196-bed hospital, a power plant, an artillery range, 32 miles of water mains and a one million gallon reservoir.

What does the Iowa National Guard do?

The state mission assigned to the National Guard is: “To provide trained and disciplined forces for domestic emergencies or as otherwise provided by state law.”

Where is Iowa National Guard?

The Iowa National Guard headquarters is at Camp Dodge in Johnston, several miles north of the state capital in Des Moines. The facility serves double duty as a continuity of government facility for the state of Iowa, as well as hosting the central hub of the state’s extensive fiber optic network.

Is there a Marine base in Iowa?

There are no Marine Corps bases in Iowa.

How many military bases does Iowa have?

seven military bases
Iowa contains seven military bases, with per-capita defense spending in the state estimated at $568.

Who is in charge of the Iowa National Guard?

The Iowa Department of Public Defense is directed by Major General Ben Corell, who provides command and control of more than 100 Army and Air National Guard units with approximately 9,400 assigned Soldiers and Airmen.

Does Iowa have any military bases?

Fort Des Moines Army Base in Des Moines, IA.