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What is St Francis Xavier University known for?

What is St Francis Xavier University known for?

A primarily undergraduate university of about 5,000 students, located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, StFX is known for its exceptional teaching and research, vibrant student life, close-knit community, and opportunities for faculty and students to make a difference locally and in communities across the globe.

What average do you need for StFX?

Aspiring students need to have at least 70% average marks in their previous school or college with 65% in each subject to apply for the university.

What is the largest university in Canada?

the University of Toronto
The largest university in terms of enrolment is the University of Toronto, which has 84,000 students across campuses in three locations.

What is Antigonish known for?

Perhaps best known for being the home to St. Francis Xavier University and as “the Highland Heart of Nova Scotia”, rich with Scottish culture, this area has much more to be explored.

Who owns StFX university?

Coat of arms of St. Francis Xavier University
Former names Arichat College (1853–1855) St. Francis Xavier College/ Seminary (1855–1866)
Endowment $140 million
Chancellor John Peacock
President Andrew Hakin

Is it hard to get into StFX?

St. Francis Xavier University with an acceptance rate of 75% is a moderately selective institution to provide admission to international students. Programs at St.

What is the smallest university in Canada?

The University of Saskatchewan is the oldest university in the province, founded in 1907. The University of Saskatchewan is also the largest university in Saskatchewan with 18,620 students, and the First Nations University of Canada (FNUC) is the smallest with 840 students.

What is the history of St Francis Xavier College?

Arichat College was moved to its present location in Antigonish, and established as St. Francis Xavier College in 1855. On May 7, 1866, St. Francis Xavier College was given university status, becoming St. Francis Xavier University.

Where do students live at St Francis Xavier University?

Approximately 50% of students (90% of first-year students) at St. Francis Xavier live on-campus in the university’s traditional residences or apartment-style housing.

What is the ranking of St Francis Xavier University?

Maclean’s Magazine has ranked St. Francis Xavier as the top “Primarily Undergraduate” university in Canada for five consecutive years (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006). The university has also ranked first in alumni support for the period 2001–06.

What are some good books about St Francis Xavier University?

Knowledge for the People: a call to St. Francis Xavier’s College, Antigonish, N.S. OCLC 71768301. Cameron, James (1996). For the People: A History of St. Francis Xavier University. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press. ISBN 077351385X. OCLC 243586957.