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What is Spanish treasure worth?

What is Spanish treasure worth?

Known as the San Jose, the Spanish galleon was sunk by the British Navy more than 300 years ago while carrying a wealth of gold, silver and emeralds. Those riches are now worth as much as $17 billion ($A22 billion) by modern standards, but treasure hunters hoping to get a piece of the booty will be sorely disappointed.

How much are gold Spanish doubloons worth?

The doubloon (from Spanish doblón, or “double”, i.e. double escudo) was a two-escudo gold coin worth approximately $4 (four Spanish dollars) or 32 reales, and weighing 6.766 grams (0.218 troy ounce) of 22-karat gold (or 0.917 fine; hence 6.2 g fine gold).

How much are Spanish reales worth?

These reales were supplemented by the gold escudo, minted 68 to a mark of 11⁄12 fine gold (3.101 g fine gold), and valued at 15–16 silver reales or approximately two dollars.

How much is a 1715 Spanish gold coin worth?

$1 million
The coins are worth an estimated $1 million or more, according to John Albanese, who brokered the deal between the salvors and the firms now selling the coins. More than 200 of the coins were found July 30 and 31, 2015, the 300th anniversary of the hurricane that drove 11 of 12 ships to the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

How many Spanish treasure ships are still missing?

The Spanish culture ministry has begun an inventory of shipwrecks in the Americas, identifying 681 vessels that sank between 1492 and 1898. Archaeologists have located the remains of fewer than a quarter of the 681 vessels on the inventory to date.

How much of the 1715 Treasure Fleet has been found?

Of the eleven ships making up the 1715 Fleet, one managed to get away, le Griffon captained by Antoine d’Aire, all the Spanish ships sunk, but two that were salvaged by the Spanish from 1715 to about 1718 were never found in modern times, and at least two were lost at sea with all souls.

What carat is Spanish gold?


Metal Gold
Fineness / Carat 0.999 / 24
Mintage Figure 6,994
Date 1989
Obverse Designer Manuel Tornero

How can you tell if a Spanish doubloon is real?

Genuine Brasher-designed 1787 doubloons should be made from gold and weigh somewhere between 406.8 and 411.5 grains (480 grains equal one Troy ounce) and should be about 30 mm in diameter (or roughly 1.18 inches).

How do you identify Spanish reales?

You can often tell the denomination by ‘R’ and ‘S’ marking for reales and escudos. For example, R = 1/2 real, 1R = 1 real, 2R = 2 reales, 2S = 2 escudos, and 8S = 8 escudos.

What is a Spanish piece of eight worth?

Machine-made versions are of a higher quality. There are various varieties of this coin, versions of which were minted in Latin America as well as Spain. Spanish milled dollars are worth about $50 to $350. If you can substantiate that your coin is from a treasure ship, that might enhance its value.

How many ships of the 1715 fleet have been found?

So, out of eleven Spanish ships in the 1715 fleet seven have been found, two are believed to have been found, and two are somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean (your guess is as good as anyone’s as to where). We know that the Wedge Wreck is the Urca De Lima or Santisima Trinidad wreck.

How many Spanish galleons are still missing?