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What is Schlenk technology?

What is Schlenk technology?

A Schlenk line is an essential piece of equipment used for the manipulation of air and moisture sensitive compounds. They consist of a vacuum manifold which is connected to a vacuum pump, and an inert gas manifold which is connected to a source of purified and dry inert gas (typically argon or nitrogen).

What is Schlenk line used for?

A Schlenk Line is a tubular glass apparatus commonly used in chemistry or material laboratory research to carry out experiments under a vacuum and an inert atmosphere (like nitrogen or argon).

What is laboratory air free techniques?

Air-free techniques refer to a range of manipulations in the chemistry laboratory for the handling of compounds that are air-sensitive. These techniques prevent the compounds from reacting with components of air, usually water and oxygen; less commonly carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Who invented the Schlenk line?

Wilhelm Schlenk
The Schlenk line (also vacuum gas manifold) is a commonly used chemistry apparatus developed by Wilhelm Schlenk. It consists of a dual manifold with several ports. One manifold is connected to a source of purified inert gas, while the other is connected to a vacuum pump.

When was the Schlenk line invented?

A Schlenk line is a dual manifold used in the safe handling of air- and moisture-sensitive reagents. The apparatus was invented in the 1920s by Wilhelm Schlenk.

How do you clean a Schlenk line?

A rinse or soaking with aqueous acid can be used to help remove inorganic oxides. The Schlenk line is subsequently rinsed with deionised water and acetone, and then allowed to dry in air or a warm oven before reassembling. Teflon taps can simply be wiped down with iPrOH and a Kimwipe.

Under what atmosphere is solvent transfer performed on a Schlenk line?

Vacuum/inert gas manifold systems, commonly called Schlenk lines, are ideal for handling compounds that react with O2, water, or CO2. Their design allows compounds to be handled and reactions to be performed under an inert atmosphere of argon or nitrogen.

How do you use a Schlenk flask?

Using a Schlenk flask

  1. Connect (using rubber tubing) the sidearm to a nitrogen manifold and bubbler.
  2. Open the sidearm valve and turn up the nitrogen flow (watch the bubbler).
  3. Remove the stopper from the flask.
  4. Place the addition funnel on the flask and allow the apparatus to purge completely with nitrogen.

What is a cold trap used for?

The purpose of Cold Traps: During laboratory evaporation, the main function of the Cold Trap is to collect harmful vapors before they enter the vacuum pump. For a vacuum pump that requires oil, collection of solvent vapors is essential to prevent them from collecting in the vacuum pump’s oil.

Why is a cold trap placed before the vacuum pump?

How do you use a Schlenk tube?