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What is SAO Volume 8?

What is SAO Volume 8?

The game of death took its toll on every player in a different way–when one turns up dead on the fifty-seventh floor, the game’s afoot, and it’s up to Asuna and Kirito to crack the case. There’s also the story of how Kirito got his Excalibur sword in Alfheim (with a little help from his friends).

What is the best arc in SAO?

Sword Art Online: Every Arc In The Anime Franchise, Ranked

  • 8 War Of The Underworld.
  • 7 Fairy Dance.
  • 6 Ordinal Scale.
  • 5 Project Alicization.
  • 4 Mother’s Rosario.
  • 3 Progressive.
  • 2 Phantom Bullet.
  • 1 Aincrad Arc.

Is Aincrad the best arc?

Sword Art Online very first and arguably its best arc, Aincrad is a great example of what superb storytelling looks like. No matter what direction the plot goes in the future—such as outer space, which is exactly what the last season’s ending hinted at—its debut arc will always be the definitive Sword Art Online story.

What’s after Sao progressive?

A sequel film titled Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of a Dark Dusk will release in Q4 2022. It will adapt the fourth volume of the light novel series, due to one of the overarching storylines of the series not being completed yet.

How long is the phantom bullet arc?

Phantom Bullet is the 3rd Arc in the Sword Art Online series. It covers the Gun Gale Online-related events occurring between November 9 and December 6, 2025, which corresponds to the SAO novel’s Volumes 5 and 6, the Phantom Bullet manga, and episodes 1 to 14.5 of the anime’s second season.

How old is Klein Sao?


Age 22 (↑Aincrad Arc), 24 (↓Aincrad Arc, Fairy Dance Arc), 25 (Phantom Bullet Arc)
Gender Male
System Name Klein
Race in ALO Salamander
VR/AR Sword Art Online, ALfheim Online, Ordinal Scale, Gun Gale Online, Project Alicization

What did kirito and Asuna do for 200 years?

Above all, 200-year-old Kirito vows to fight for Underworld’s rights so the real world will keep it alive. Kirito and Asuna were known as Star King and Star Queen of Underworld, ruling the land for their 200 years spent there.