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What is rocker cover racing?

What is rocker cover racing?

Rocker Cover Racing gives old, unused rocker covers from actual engines a second chance at life. No longer will they be a small and unnoticed elements of a bigger product. ‚Äč With Rocker Cover Racing, they leave their engines and the cars they’re tightly packed in behind as they themselves become the centerpiece.

What material is a valve cover made of?

Valve covers are not under any stress so historically they’ve been made out of simple stamped steel.

What are valve covers called?

Rocker covers
Rocker covers are covers that are bolted on over rocker arms in an internal combustion engine. They are called valve covers in the United States, Canada, and in situations where Rocker Arms are not present, such as some Overhead Cam, and most Dual Overhead Cam engines.

Which is better aluminum or steel valve covers?

Aluminum and steel valve covers both work adequately for your needs. Although debates exist about which is better to stop leaks, most problems occur because of an improper installation. Both metals can fail when you over-tighten the bolts and put them back on without straightening the flange.

Why are BMW valve covers plastic?

Most BMW valve covers and intake manifolds are made of plastic to reduce weight and production costs, but as with most things that age, these components are susceptible to warpage and gasket failure due to the constant heating and cooling they experience.

Are aluminum valve covers good?

How are valve covers made?

Modern valve covers can be made from molded plastic, stamped metal, or cast metal. The valve cover contains the oil that lubricates the valve train. The oil splashes up against the valve cover and then drains back through passageways within the engine head. The oil flows downward until it ends up in the oil pan.

What do taller valve covers do?

What’s the difference? Tall valve covers have added clearance over stock covers. If you upgrade to a High-Lift Camshaft, full roller rockers, and/or Shaft Mount Rockers, you will probably need tall covers. Tall covers are also required if you use a Stud Girdle.

What do performance valve covers do?

It’s a plastic or metal component that is bolted to the top of the cylinder head. The gap between the valve cover and the cylinder head is sealed by a valve cover gasket. The whole setup keeps oil inside the engine, which is important to the engine’s overall health and performance.

What is BMW valve cover made of?

In a valve cover gasket like those used by BMW this material is an oil-resistant elastomer.

Do plastic valve covers warp?

The valve cover was steel. So it’s not a given that a plastic valve cover will warp. However, it is a given that rubber deteriorates.