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What is Red Wing pottery worth?

What is Red Wing pottery worth?

Melissa, You have a Red Wing Spongeband (Gray Line) Batter bowl. Introduced in the 1920’s, In excellent condition it would have a value of $600-$750. With the lines in the bottom cuts the price to around $300-$400.

How is Red Wing pottery marked?

All new products also have a circular ink stamp on the base with the full company name and wing trademark Fig. 11. No ink stamp on any original pre-1930 Red Wing pottery includes a wing. The most likely new pieces to be offered as old are the unusual shapes such as covered jars, pitchers and pots.

Do they still make Red Wing pottery?

The iconic Red Wing Stoneware pottery company will close its doors in September, the company’s owners announced on Facebook Monday. The company cited low-cost competitors as a reason for ceasing manufacturing and sales.

When did they stop making Red Wing pottery?

There was a respite in production when Red Wing Pottery Sales, Inc. had a strike in 1967 causing them to temporarily cease trading….Red Wing Pottery.

Minnesota Stoneware Company
Location 1997 West Main Street, Red Wing, Minnesota
Nearest city Red Wing, Minnesota
Coordinates 44°33′51″N 92°33′33″W
NRHP reference No. 79001243

How old is Red Wing pottery?

The Red Wing Stoneware company first began producing utilitarian stoneware in 1877. These early pieces were covered with a rich tan salt glaze and decorated with a beautiful hand drawn image. Here are the many meticulously drawn cobalt images, with names like Target, Lazy Eight and Rib Cage.

How much is a 20 gallon Red Wing crock worth?

$325 $375. Select state above to unlock ship rate.

How do I know if my pottery is worth anything?

Criteria to Tell if your Pottery is Valuable

  1. 1.1 1) Condition.
  2. 1.2 2) Rarity.
  3. 1.3 3) Authenticity.
  4. 1.4 4) Aesthetics.
  5. 1.5 5) Desirability.
  6. 1.6 6) Provenance.
  7. 1.9 Final Thoughts.

How do you tell the age of a Red Wing crock?

Try to identify the age – There are certain marks that can tip you off to your crock’s age. If the crock has a pattern, and the name of the pattern is on the bottom, that means it was made after 1810. If the mark includes the word “limited” (or “Ltd”), then it was mad after 1861.

What is a 5 gallon Red Wing jug worth?

Answer: Chuck, the first 5 gallon shoulder jug with the gallon-age number on the domb and with the 6 inch wing has a value between $250 & $300 depending on condition.

How do you identify antique crocks?

A shiny, glass-like surface with occasional bumps indicates that the crock was salt-glazed and antique, since reproductions are often totally smooth. Simple decorations, which appear to be painted on freehand, are authentic, whereas printed or stamped designs are often reproductions.