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What is R in ROH?

What is R in ROH?

Definition. An alcohol molecule has the general formula ROH where R is an alkyl group, O is an oxygen atom and H is a hydrogen atom.

What is the structure of alcohol?

The molecular formula of ethanol is C2H6O, indicating that ethanol contains two carbons and an oxygen. However, the structural formula of ethanol, C2H5OH, provides a little more detail, and indicates that there is an hydroxyl group (-OH) at the end of the 2-carbon chain (Figure 1.1).

What functional group is ROH?

Learning Objectives

Name of Family General Formula Functional Group
alcohol ROH –OH
thiol RSH –SH
ether ROR –O–

What is an R group in alcohols?

An alcohol is an organic compound with a hydroxyl (OH) functional group on an aliphatic carbon atom. Because OH is the functional group of all alcohols, we often represent alcohols by the general formula ROH, where R is an alkyl group. Alcohols are common in nature.

What is RRR in organic chemistry?

In organic chemistry, functional groups are specific groups of atoms within molecules arranged in a specific manner. The following tables list common functional groups arranged by heteroatom. The symbols R, R’, R” and R”’ usually denote a hydrocarbon chain or a hydrogen but can sometimes be any group of atoms.

What is an R group?

R group: An abbreviation for any group in which a carbon or hydrogen atom is attached to the rest of the molecule. Sometimes used more loosely, to include other elements such as halogens, oxygen, or nitrogen.

What is AR-OH in chemistry?

1 Phenols Ar-OH Phenols are compounds with an –OH group attached to an aromatic carbon. Although they share the same functional group with alcohols, where the –OH group is attached to an aliphatic carbon, the chemistry of phenols is very different from that of alcohols.

What group of organic compounds is represented by ROH?

Answer and Explanation: The correct option is (b.) a hydrocarbon group with a name ending in “-yl”. ROH represents alcohols which is a family of organic…

Can Oh be an R group?

The symbols R, R’, R” and R”’ usually denote a hydrocarbon chain or a hydrogen but can sometimes be any group of atoms….Oxygen based.

Chemical class Hemiketal
Group Hemiketal
Formula RC(OR”)(OH)R’
Prefix /
Example 2-Methoxybutan-2-ol