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What is purple grease used for?

What is purple grease used for?

Ultra-Performance Royal Purple Grease promotes clean, deposit-free bearings for better performance and provides a margin of safety for missed or extended reapplication intervals.

Is Royal Purple grease good for wheel bearings?

The Royal Purple grease is great for wheel bearings, but it can also be used for U-joints and other lubrication duties.

What is No 2 grease?

The most commonly used greases, such as those used in automotive bearings, would use a lubricant that is NLGI grade 2, which has the stiffness of peanut butter. Grades within this range can operate in a higher temperature range and at higher speeds than NLGI grades 000-0.

What is NLGI #2 grease?

NLGI Grade 2 grease is a multipurpose grease for oxygen and harsh chemicals in industrial applications. Grade 2 grease is an excellent lubricant for plain and antifriction bearings operating under moderate load and at medium speeds.

Which grease is best for wheel bearings?

  1. Editor’s Choice: Valvoline Full Synthetic Grease.
  2. Lucas Oil X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease.
  3. Lucas Oil Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease.
  4. Mag 1 High-Temp Wheel Bearing Grease.
  5. Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease.
  6. Timken Premium Red Wheel Bearing Grease.
  7. Sta-Lube New Generation Wheel Bearing Grease.

Which grease is best?

Best Grease Reviews & Recommendations 2020

  • Best Overall. Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease.
  • Best Value. Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease.
  • Honorable Mention. Maxima 80916 Waterproof Grease.
  • Honorable Mention. Plews & Edelmann LubriMatic Wheel Bearing Grease.
  • Honorable Mention.
  • Honorable Mention.
  • Honorable Mention.

What grease is best for ball joints?

Grease – You should use the OEM suggested grease or a Heavy Duty Lithium Synthetic or Marine grease. These are perfect for automotive applications and will last longer than other types.

What is the best high-temp grease?

WD-40 Specialist High-Temp Grease excels at high-temperature lubrication. It has a drop point of 625 degrees and works well between -40 degrees and 325 degrees Fahrenheit. WD-40 Specialist High-Temp Grease is designed to lower friction and lengthen the life of machinery with high-speed bearings.

What is the difference between #1 and #2 grease?

Less thickener makes a #1 grease more tractable and slippery, while #2 grease has more thickener, making it stiffer and great for all-purpose applications. Despite what is commonly believed, grease application during the winter is not a “one and done” situation.

Is NLGI 2 grease synthetic?

2 High Performance Multi-Purpose Synthetic Ultra Performance Grease. Ultra-Performance Grease satisfies the widest range of grease requirements and is recommended for bearings and general purpose use.

What is the difference between NLGI 1 and NLGI 2 grease?

NLGI #1 Grease versus NLGI #2 Grease Less thickener makes a #1 grease more tractable and slippery, while #2 grease has more thickener, making it stiffer and great for all-purpose applications.

Is EP2 grease the same as NLGI 2?

We are all familiar with “EP 2” grease. This tells us two things, EP 2 grease is a NLGI Grade 2 and it is fortified with Extreme Pressure (EP) additives. This tells us nothing else about the thickener type, base oil type or viscosity of the base oil.

What is the size of royal purple grease?

Royal Purple Royal Purple 01312 Ultra Performance Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease with Synslide, 14,1 Ounce, 14.6 ounces 1.13 x 1.13 x 9.25 inches

What are the benefits of ultra-performance Grease?

It has outstanding EP capabilities and excellent water resistance to both emulsion and washout. Ultra-Performance Grease can be pumped at low temperatures, is stable at high temperatures and has excellent oxidation resistance to extend service life and to provide a margin of safety between lubrication intervals.

What is UPG oil made of?

UPG is made using a superior blend of synthetic base oils plus Royal Purple’s unique, proprietary, non-corrosive Synerlec additive technology. Royal Purple