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What is plate type Massachusetts?

What is plate type Massachusetts?

Currently, the Livery plate is the only common license plate in Massachusetts that is allowed to have more than six characters in its serials. All Livery plate serials start with the letters “LV”, even if not stamped.

Who has Massachusetts license plate 1?

If you’d like to have plate number 1, forget it. It was originally issued to Frederick Tudor in 1903, and his family still holds the plate.

What are the specialty license plates available in Massachusetts?

The Details There are special license plates available to people with unique qualifications such as government, military service, medical or disability, as well as vanity plates. These plates require an application and supporting documentation and can’t be ordered online.

What is MD on number plate?

The left side of the plate carries the coat of arms of Moldova with the country index MD (before 1993 the country index on car plates was MLD) and since November 1, 2011, it has a vertical blue background, similar to the European Union plates.

What are red plates?

The Red Plate is the perfect way to acknowledge a family member’s special triumphs, to celebrate a birthday or praise a job well done, reward a goal achieved, or simply to say, “YOU ARE SPECIAL TODAY.” When the Red Plate is used, any meal becomes a celebration honoring a special person, event, or deed.

What does blue license plate mean?

Demonstration plates are blue and are commonly called car dealership plates. These plates are used for showcasing vehicles to customers, moving vehicles from bond stores to dealerships, and for promotional purposes such as automobile shows.

How many different license plates does Massachusetts have?

48 specialty license
According to the House That Chet and Nat Built, Massachusetts offers 48 specialty license plates.

What does pm on a Massachusetts license plate mean?

If permanent is chosen, FLHSMV will issue a registration decal with “PM” printed on it in place of the month and year expiration.

What do the first 2 letters on a number plate mean?

The first section of a number plate is the local memory tag – the first two letters of the plate identify where the vehicle was registered.

What is black number plate?

Black Number Plate Black number plates with yellow registration plate number are for commercial vehicles whose drivers don’t require commercial driving permit. It is usually seen on vehicles which are for rental or used by luxury hotels for transport.

What does green number plate mean?

electric vehicles
Green Background: Having a green background with white lettering, this kind of number plate is issued only to electric vehicles. There is a difference however; green plates with yellow lettering are electric vehicles used for commercial purposes, while the white lettering signifies private use.

What are the different types of Massachusetts license plates?

Massachusetts license plates come in several specialty varieties, including vanity plates with personalized plate numbers and tags for charitable organizations. Those who qualify can also order military license plates or historic vehicle tags .

How do I get a military license plate in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles license plate guide has a complete list of available military plates and their fees. To qualify for military honor plates, your service record must reflect the honor or status displayed on the plate. Proof of eligibility can be: Your military ID. Discharge papers. Certification of an award.

Who does the Massachusetts Board of registration in medicine serve?

Who we serve. The Board of Registration in Medicine’s mission is to ensure that only qualified and competent physicians of good moral character are licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and that those physicians and health care institutions in which they practice provide to their patients a high standard of care,…

What is a MA vanity license plate?

MA vanity plates allow you to create your own custom tag number. To be approved, your chosen tag number must follow the MA RMV’s rules: The plate must begin with 2 letters. You CANNOT mix numbers and letters. For example: You CANNOT have “AB12CD”.