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What is phlegm in simple words?

What is phlegm in simple words?

phlegm. [ flĕm ] n. Thick, sticky, stringy mucus secreted by the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, as during a cold or other respiratory infection.

What is a phlegm in medical terms?

Listen to pronunciation. (flem) A more than normal amount of thick mucus made by the cells lining the upper airways and lungs. A buildup of phlegm may be caused by infection, irritation, or chronic lung disease, and can cause discomfort in the chest and coughing.

What is Kafa called in English?

/kafa/ mn. cuff countable noun. The cuffs of a piece of clothing are the end parts of the sleeves.

How do you spell phlegm in your throat?

phlegm Add to list Share. Phlegm is a thick secretion of mucous. It’s hard to sleep when you have a bad cold and your throat is full of phlegm. Your body’s respiratory system creates phlegm, pronounced “flem,” which becomes thicker and more annoying when you’re ill.

How do I stop phlegm?

How to get rid of excess mucus and phlegm

  1. Hydrate more. Drink more water.
  2. Use a humidifier.
  3. Check filters on heating and cooling systems.
  4. Use a nasal saline spray.
  5. Gargle with salt water.
  6. Use eucalyptus.
  7. Use over-the-counter medication.

How can I reduce phlegm?

Taking the following actions can help to eliminate excess mucus and phlegm:

  1. Keeping the air moist.
  2. Drinking plenty of fluids.
  3. Applying a warm, wet washcloth to the face.
  4. Keeping the head elevated.
  5. Not suppressing a cough.
  6. Discreetly getting rid of phlegm.
  7. Using a saline nasal spray or rinse.
  8. Gargling with salt water.

How do you clear phlegm?

  1. Humidify the air. Moisturizing the air around you can help keep mucus thin.
  2. Stay hydrated and warm.
  3. Consume respiratory health-promoting ingredients.
  4. Gargle salt water or use saline.
  5. Use eucalyptus oil.
  6. Take over-the-counter remedies.
  7. Try prescription medications.

Is kapha and cough same?

According to Ayurveda, imbalance in any of the three doshas i.e., vata, pitta, kapha can cause an ailment. In this case, an excess of Pitta and Kapha in the body causes nasal congestion and cough.

What is Balgam cough called in English?

mucus uncountable noun. Mucus is a liquid that is produced in some parts of your body, for example the inside of your nose.

What causes phlegm?

It’s produced by mucous membranes that run from your nose to your lungs. Every time you breathe in, allergens, viruses, dust, and other debris stick to the mucus, which is then passed out of your system. But sometimes, your body can produce too much mucus, which requires frequent throat clearing.

What foods cause phlegm?

What Foods Can Increase Mucus? It might not surprise you to learn that most processed foods contain artificial sweeteners, sodium, and thickening agents—all of which can increase mucus production [4]. Dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, or ice cream can do the same.

Which medicine is best for phlegm?

What are the best over-the-counter cough medicines?

  • Pseudoephedrine: An OTC medicine that relieves nasal congestion.
  • Guaifenesin: Often known by its brand name Mucinex (Mucinex coupons | What is Mucinex?), guaifenesin is the only OTC expectorant available to help relieve symptoms from colds.