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What is Pelinkovac made from?

What is Pelinkovac made from?

Made from non-treated herbs from the Velebit mountain and wormwood (pelin in Croatian), Pelinkovac is one of Croatia’s most famous drinks. Amazingly the drink has a 150-year history.

What is Pelinkovac good for?

Pelinkovac functions well both as an aperitif and digestif. The old folks swear that it’s an excellent medicine for stomach troubles, and also improves your circulation. No doubt, take a few glasses and all your medical problems will be gone, at least for a while.

What herbs are in Pelinkovac?

The essential herb is wormwood (Cro. Pelin; Lat. Artemisia Absinthium) and the original bottle in which the product is sold is exhibited in Zagreb City Museum. Since the year 1862 Antique Pelinkovac is produced in the same, traditional manner, in accordance with the original recipe, from 100% natural ingredients.

What is maraska Pelinkovac?

Maraska Pelinkovac liqueur is made from aromatic herbs and herbal extracts by a centuries-old recipe. It has a dominant, slightly bitter taste of wormwood. Maraska Pelinkovac is enjoyed after meals and is served straight without any mixes. It is a very popular herbal liqueur with all eastern Europeans.

Where is Pelinkovac made?

Rovinjski Pelinkovac by Darna Distillery (Rovinj, Croatia).

What can you mix with Pelinkovac?

Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice and pour in 4 fl oz (120 mL) of orange juice. Add 1 fl oz (30 mL) of pelinkovac and 1 fl oz (30 mL) of vodka. Then, stir the cocktail a few times and enjoy it cold. Use orange-flavored vodka for an extra citrusy tasting cocktail.

What can you mix Pelinkovac with?

How do you drink Old Pelinkovac?

Antique performs beautifully in a cocktail, but for best results, enjoy the spirit with nothing more than an ice cube and a slice of orange.” Pelinkovac is a herbal liqueur that has been touted for its medicinal benefits – and simply consumed for pleasure – in Croatia for ages.

What does Pelinkovac taste like?

Pelinkovac (Serbo-Croatian and Slovenian: pelen or pelin) is a bitter liqueur based on wormwood. The alcohol content is 28–35% by volume. It has a very bitter taste, resembling that of Jägermeister.