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What is Paul Smith most famous for designing?

What is Paul Smith most famous for designing?

Known for his distinctive signature multi-coloured stripes, with designs sold at flagships in London, Paris, New York, Milan and Tokyo, among over 200 other stores, Smith is widely credited for his eye-catching storefront designs and to match his vibrant aesthetic.

Is Paul Smith a luxury brand?

Fifty years later, Paul Smith is a global luxury brand selling to 3000 stores in more than 70 countries on five continents. Guardian reported that the business had a turnover of £215 million in 2019, which was 9% up on 2018.

Who is Paul Smith the designer?

Sir Paul Brierley Smith CH CBE RDI (born 5 July 1946) is a British fashion designer. His reputation is founded on his designs for men’s clothing, but his business has expanded into other areas as well. Smith was made a Royal Designer for Industry in 1991.

Is Paul Smith designer married?

Pauline DenyerPaul Smith / Spouse (m. 2000)

Is Paul Smith a cool brand?

Sir Paul Smith is almost the last of the great indie designers. A gentleman who has built a global brand on style, cool clothes and a unique amount of energy; and still controls it himself.

Is Paul Smith LGBT?

My Coming Out Story: Paul Smith – ‘My parents confronted me about being gay! ‘ Growing up, I had never really been attracted to anyone, I just got on with life. Going through school I was popular with both girls and boys and got on with both.

How old is Paul Smith?

75 years (July 5, 1946)Paul Smith / Age

Who is CEO of Paul Smith?

John Morley John Morley – Managing Director – Paul Smith | LinkedIn.

Who are Paul Smith competitors?

Paul Smith’s top competitors include Muse & Co, River Islands, ZOOT and Guess?.

Is Paul Smith a good suit brand?

Paul Smith It makes a great go-to for the traveler who needs to unpack and impress while on the road. Half-canvas construction and 100 percent worsted wool make for cloth that’s crease-resistant. Small details such as pocket flap linings and under-collar melton make this suit feel special.

Where are Paul Smith clothes made?

Amongst many other things, Paul Smith is known for suits and many of those suits are made in Italy, using Italian cloths. Also many of our other suppliers for knitwear and so on are based in Italy.

Where is Paul Smith from?

Beeston, United KingdomPaul Smith / Place of birth