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What is Nussbaum capabilities approach?

What is Nussbaum capabilities approach?

Nussbaum’s capabilities approach is centered around the notion of individual human dignity. Given Nussbaum’s contention that the goal of the capabilities approach is to produce capabilities for each and every person, the capabilities below belong to individual persons, rather than to groups.

What is capability freedom as discussed by Nussbaum?

The capability approach purports that freedom to achieve well-being is a matter of what people are able to do and to be, and thus the kind of life they are effectively able to lead.

How does Sen define human functioning?

Sen defines a person’s ‘achieved living’ (Sen, 1990c: 113) as the person’s combined ‘doings and beings’ (ibid.: 113), ‘the set of functions a person actually achieves’ (Sen, 1985d: 198):

What are the 10 capabilities Nussbaum?

Life | Bodily Health | Bodily Integrity | Senses, Imagination and Thought | Emotion | Practical Reason | Affiliation | Other Species | Play | Control Over One’s Environment | So what?

What are examples of human capabilities?

Examples of functionings are such diverse things as working, resting, being literate, being healthy, being part of a community, being able to travel, and being confident. Functionings “together constitute what makes a life valuable” (Robeyns 2005) and are “constitutive of a person’s being” (Alkire 2005a).

What is human capability?

Human capability refers to an individual’s capability of achieving a kind of life they consider valuable such as good health, being in loving safe environments and relationships (Sen, 1997).

What is the capability approach in disability?

Under the capability approach, disability may be understood as being the result of a combination of different factors. It may result from (a) the nature of an impairment and other personal characteristics (e.g., age, gender, race), (b) the resources avail- able to the individual, and (c) the environment.

What are the capabilities of human?

All human beings have sense‐perception, the ability to imagine, and the ability to think, making distinctions and ‘reaching out for understanding’. And these abilities are regarded as of central importance.

What are the four human capabilities?

Amartya Sen discusses capabilities through four interlinked concepts: well-being, agency, freedom, and achievement.

What are the 10 capabilities?

Nussbaum’s Ten Central Human Functional Capabilities

  • Life. Being able to live a complete and satisfying life into old age.
  • Bodily Health.
  • Bodily Integrity.
  • Senses, Imagination and Thought.
  • Emotion.
  • Practical Reason.
  • Affiliation.
  • Other Species.

What are the 7 capabilities?

The Seven Capabilities

  • literacy.
  • numeracy.
  • information and communication technology capability.
  • critical and creative thinking.
  • personal and social capability.
  • ethical understanding.
  • intercultural understanding.

What are Nussbaum’s capabilities?

Nussbaum’s capabilities approach includes a list of ten capabilities that human beings must have. This list, she seems to be saying, is what we would (at least) require for a life to be called a fully realised human life.

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What is the difference between Nussbaum and Sen’s approach?

zontal, in normative, descriptive, and analytic terms. Sen (1980, 1992) has, of relation to gender, horizontal) inequality. Nussbaum’s approach to equality issues is more normative. Like Kant, she starts from the fundamental achieve the threshold level of each central capability. Y et this could be consist- ent with considerable inequality.